Hanging with South Africans

first_img28 September 2005People upliftment projects, also known as community tourism projects, can be found all over South Africa. If you’re in the mood for an authentic South African experience, join in the fun – you may also make new friends along the way.Community tourism is about getting to know the country through the eyes of those who live here. Whether you’re drinking local beer at a village shebeen or horse-riding along a Wild Coast beach, you’re guaranteed the real deal.You can discover ancient Setswana astronomy through the lens of a grandmother with an intimate knowledge of the ancient traditions. And what about being taught to cook line fish the traditional way by the fishing community in Kalk Bay?Travel is always richer when one comes into contact with real, everyday people; that’s what community tourism offers. These are experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Buffalo Ridge Safari LodgeBuffalo Ridge Safari Lodge, a new establishment in Madikwe Game Reserve in North West, is wholly owned by the Balete tribe, who live on just the other side of the reserve fence.Developed over five years, the lodge is a joint venture between the tribe and the Nature Workshop, the operating company.Lying in a Big Five reserve, Buffalo Ridge Lodge has eight suites with stunning views of ravines, plains and pure African bushveld, each with its own viewing deck.Game rangers are all from the local village of Lekgophung. Community members are being trained to fully manage the lodge and run a world-class tourism enterprise. Thonga Beach LodgeThonga Beach Lodge in Maputaland, KwaZulu-Natal, is another community enterprise aimed at the high-end traveller. Exclusive in the extreme – you can only get there by 4×4 vehicle – Thonga Beach Lodge lies on one of the most gloriously private beaches in South Africa.The local Mabibi community owns 70% of the lodge. Profits are earmarked for higher education of young people in the area as well as building schools and clinics. The lodge mostly employs locals, with skills training part of the deal.Set above a secluded bay, Thonga Beach Lodge is nestled into a coastal dune forest with sweeping views of the beach below. The 22 thatched bush suites provide guests with complete privacy and were carefully constructed to ensure minimal impact on the environment. The lodge offers luxurious accommodation, mouth-watering meals and one of the best dive sites in the South Africa. Masakala Traditional GuesthouseMasakala Traditional Guesthouse, lying on the border of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, offers rooms built in the authentic rondavel (round-shaped) architecture used by the local people. It offers indigenous African food, made by local women from recipes that exist only in their heads.It offers spectacular views of the southern Drakensberg, as well as walking tours to rare San rock art sites, bird watching, hiking and pony rides. The area has thriving arts and crafts projects, where you can meet and learn from local artists.Masakala is one of the properties selected and promoted by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa. This organisation recognises establishments that are sustainable in benefits to the local communities. Due South Craft RouteIf you’re after community arts and crafts, then visit the Eskom Due South Craft Route. The site provides a wide-angled view of the arts and crafts available in the country, and is also invaluable in providing information to off-the-beaten track places in South Africa.Exclusively showcasing outstanding capabilities of South African crafters, the site aims to identify and promote the diversity of skills and products offered by South African craftsmen and women.Source: South African Tourismlast_img read more

SA in Fifa Interactive World Cup

first_imgLeft to right: Andre Arendse, Gordon Butler, “Baby Jake” Matlala, 2010 Fifa World Cup mascot Zakumi, Mubeen Gaffoor and Shaun Bartlett. (Image: Do Gaming) Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney as he appears in Fifa 09. (Image: Fifa 09) A soccer game underway in Fifa 09. (Image: Fifa 09) Cricketers Paul Harris and Dale Steyn, who came along to support the contestants at the local event. (Image: Shine 2010)Janine ErasmusSouth Africa’s Gordon Butler is one of 32 finalists from 24 countries who will compete for the title of Fifa Interactive World Champion 2009. This year’s tournament takes place on 2 May in Barcelona.The Fifa Interactive World Cup is the world’s largest football gaming tournament and is the only one officially endorsed by the football body. Now going into its fifth edition, the grand final will be the culmination of seven months of live qualifiers held in 19 countries, among them Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and current World Cup champion Italy. The remaining 13 spots in the grand final were taken by players competing online on the PlayStation Network.In total over 500 000 hopefuls took part, playing Electronic Arts (EA) Sports’ Fifa 09 computer game on the Sony PlayStation 3 console. According to the developer, this is the most realistic football simulation yet.“We believe that Fifa 09 is our best ever football title,” said Matt Bilbey, EA Sports vice president of international marketing. “It is fantastic to see such an overwhelming number of gamers log on to the PlayStation Network and come to qualifying events all over the world in order to play the game and stake their claim to the trophy.”Fifa executive committee member Chuck Blazer was impressed with the new records of participation set by the 2009 Fifa Interactive World Cup. “I am a keen gamer myself,” he commented, “and I am really looking forward to learning some new tricks from the world’s best virtual football players! I know they practice very hard and, as for every other Fifa tournament, players will have to perform at their best in order to be crowned Fifa Interactive World Champion 2009.”Football fever in SAWith the Confederations Cup just weeks away and the whole country abuzz with enthusiasm for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, excitement at the only African qualifier for the Fifa Interactive World Cup was running high.Held in Johannesburg over three days at the end of March, the event attracted fans from as far afield as Ghana. Local supporters were out in full force to show that they are just as passionate about the virtual form of the Beautiful Game.Around 500 contestants vied for the title of South African champion, encouraged by Bafana Bafana stars Shaun Bartlett and Andre Arendse, and local football teams Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. However, not only footballers were in attendance. Popular boxing champ “Baby Jake” Matlala, as well as cricketers Paul Harris and Dale Steyn, who are both equally adept with a ball albeit a small red one, were also on hand.In the end there could be only one, and that one was the 31-year-old Butler, also known as Flash. Johannesburg resident Butler had participated in the 2008 event but didn’t make it out of the final group of 128 players. This year, he said, he was determined to improve on his performance. Along the way he triumphed over last year’s national champion Bjorn Diedricks, who put in a determined effort, to no avail.In the final, Gordon (playing as France) came back from a halftime one-goal deficit to claim victory, with a 3-1 defeat in extra time, over fashion designer Mubeen Gaffoor (playing as Manchester United) from Cape Town. Butler is now in Barcelona where he will compete against 31 of his rivals for top honours.The Fifa Interactive World Cup carries a first prize of US$20 000 (R171 000), a Kia car, and an invitation to attend the Fifa World Player Gala in January 2010 – this is the prestigious event that celebrates the previous year’s best players, both men and women. The first runner-up will receive $5 000 (R42 750) and the second runner-up receives $1 000 (R8 500).Do you have queries or comments about this article? Contact Janine Erasmus at [email protected] articlesTicketing centres for Confed Cup World Cup ticket frenzy Uefa praises SA’s 2010 readiness 500 days to 2010 Useful linksFifa Interactive World CupEA SportsFifa 09 – EA SportsShine 2010last_img read more

Recreate Foreign Locations on Set with These Tips

first_imgGeographical AudioWe learn at an early age, watching cartoons, that different parts of the world have different musical cultures. Successful film or video scores rely on these characteristics. While these themes can be cliché, their continued power over our subconscious is undeniable, and they can help sell a location to your audience. These thematic examples come from Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema:Middle Eastern: minor key melody with much ornamentation.Indian Territory: 4/4 allegretto drumbeat with accented first beat, woodwinds with simple minor-modal tune.Latin America: rumba rhythm and major melody with trumpet or marimba.Japan or China: xylophones and woodblocks with simple minor melodies in /4, pentatonic scales.Turn-of-the-century Vienna: Strauss-like waltzes with strings.Rome and Paris: accordions, harmonicas.New York, Big City: jazzy or slightly discordant major theme with brass or strings.Pastoral Location: woodwinds in major key.However, a score isn’t always necessary. Using auditory cues such as a passersby speaking in a different language can communicate location subtly. The same goes for vehicles. If you have set up your apartment to look like a Greek villa, and you’ve brought in authentic Greek furniture, and the set design looks fantastic, correct sound from the region will only further sell the location. How would the vehicles driving past outside compare to suburban America? Having been to Greece, I can tell you that for every car on the road there are three scooters.Image via Shutterstock.Research your region and take this into account when adding sound in post-production. You can find a host of European and international background sound effects in PremiumBeat’s SFX library.Matte Paintings and Set ExtensionsMatte paintings are nothing new in filmmaking. Their earliest use was in the 1907 film Missions of California, and since then, they have only become more common. As with VFX, it’s quite uncanny to see how many horizons and distant landscapes are matte paintings.  It’s easy to assume that only fantasy and sci-fi projects use matte paintings — like inserting Winterfell into the Irish countryside, or adding a wrecked Star Destroyer to the Rub’ Al Khali Desert. However, they’re a lot more common than you would think. Take a look at the following reel from Stargate Studios for the first season of The Walking Dead. While the clip focuses on zombie guts, it includes several set extensions.The terms matte painting and set extension have become somewhat interchangeable in the last decade. Initially, a matte painting described the addition of a landscape. The technique is perfect for adding parts of a location that do not exist to your scene. The following tutorial lays out the basics of camera tracking, inserting elements into your shot, and digitally extending your set — all the principal ingredients for a good set extension. Do you have any location-staging tips for budgets of all sizes? Let us know in the comments. Need to recreate distant locations on the cheap? Use these quick and easy production tips.Top image via Shutterstock.It’s not always possible to go gallivanting around the world to film in different locations, nor may you have the budget to dress your set in authentic British furniture if you’re shooting 3,000 miles away in Maine. However, thanks to global trade and furniture stores with an international presence, many modern homes everywhere in the world now look similar. That makes it easier to film contemporary scenes just about anywhere.There are, additionally, small visual and auditory tricks you can use to suggest to your audiences that they are watching a scene inside a New York apartment, when, in fact, you’re filming in London. While these aren’t as elaborate as driving regional cars past the window, they will still help you sell the scene in smaller-budget projects.FoodImage via Paramount.Nothing sells a scene’s location more than food. I’m from Wales, and seeing a box of Lucky Charms is a rare occurrence. Unless I specifically go to a food store that specializes in American foods, I’m not going to see them at all, other than in American TV & film. I would imagine it’s the same for British cereal. So, if we see a location onscreen, say a small back room with a grungy atmosphere, worn floorboards, and peeling paint, we have no idea where the action is unfolding. The character who has not yet spoken gets up from his chair and goes to his fridge, which is all but empty save for an American milk carton. We do not know the specific location, but the audience now knows this scene is taking place in the U.S. and not in a rundown hotel room in Spain.There are plenty of websites that offer food native to a foreign country, which is ideal for populating your set with visual cues. However, be vigilant with licensing issues. If you can’t obtain the rights to show a particular brand, you could always look at creating something that looks similar. For example, many productions that include MacBooks onscreen cover the Apple symbol and replace it with a pear. It’s tongue-in-cheek, but it works.Image via Columbia.I’ve also found that food packaging varies from country to country. For example, a glass milk bottle is more common in Britain than the U.S. On the other hand, plastic gallons of milk are common in the U.S. but rare in Britain. Do a little research, and you can save yourself some effort in post.Digitally Manipulate Your LocationVFX isn’t just a tool for inserting large robots into a scene and making older actors look young. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of small VFX shots in most TV shows and films that go completely unnoticed, mainly because you just wouldn’t expect them to be visual effects. Street signs, building names, iconic backgrounds — the list goes on.Take a look at this visual effects reel for David Fincher’s 2014 film Gone Girl. If you haven’t seen this before, it’ll surprise you to see what didn’t actually exist. Color and Stock FootageIn a video tutorial by yours truly, I discuss how you can use sound design, color, and stock footage to help pass your location off as something else. Posters, Signs, and Local InformationWalk through any city, and you’ll see band posters, political posters, and local interest posters (for example, a missing pet). This sort of addition can help sell the location of your scene. Maybe your characters are walking through the city street, and one of them stops as the conversation gets heated. This scene takes place in Los Angeles, but you’re filming in New York. You’ve found a street with West Coast similarities, but you need something else to sell the location. This would be the perfect time to place a poster of something like “Live Music on 14th at Santa Monica Pier” behind the two characters.Image via Shutterstock.But what if you don’t have permission to slap a few posters onto the building behind you? Or maybe there are posters there already, but behind some Perspex. By combining camera tracking and sign replacement, you can begin adding different geographical elements to your scene.Camera tracking: Sign Replacement:last_img read more

Minimum Wage to go up in Six Weeks in TCI

first_img Editorial: Listen to your Mama Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 20 Feb 2015 – It should be good news for the hourly wage earners across the country as government has decided on an implementation date for a minimum wage increase and the wait is almost over. A 25% jump in minimum wage was one of the big announcements coming out of Cabinet yesterday. The governor has been advised to issue an order to shift hourly earnings from a flat $5 per hour to $6.25 cents an hour. This move will take effect in about six weeks when the new fiscal year begins for TCIG. The official start date for employers to adjust from paying the $5 per hour to the $6.25 per hour begins April 1st, 2015. It had been argued by the PNP Administration that a hike in wages could lead to an increase in cost of living. Related Items:Minimum wage, pnp, TCIG Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Seriously, Sixth Form registration begins at Clement Howell High Aug 15 TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memeslast_img read more

TCI delegation attends Gaming Summit in Jamaica

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppJamaica, June 22, 2017 – Montego Bay – The Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Culture & Gaming, senior official, Michelle Fulford Gardiner along with Wayne Higgs and Damion Seymour, staff members from the Gaming Inspectorate Department, returned to the TCI last weekend after attending the 7th Caribbean Annual Gaming Show & Summit, 14th – 15th June, 2017,   and held in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the Convention Centre.The event was hosted by the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission of Jamaica, with international sponsors such as Aristocrat, Spin Inc., Golden Race and Signature Gaming.  Participants hailed from 12 countries representing regulatory agencies, gaming operations, and technologies laboratories.  The Summit comprised of formal presentations, plenary sessions dealing with trending issues within the region.  Topics included:De-RiskingAnti- Money LaunderingSecurity & FraudEsports/IGamingResponsible GamingCasino Protection and SurveillanceThe highlight of the summit was a break-out session – “The Caribbean Regulators Forum”, which brought together regulators from the region in a common forum, focusing on core issues, related to constraints and challenges experienced by regulatory agencies.The timeliness of this Summit cannot be understated as it is a precursor to the Turks & Caicos Islands Government plans to implement legislation and policy for the establishments of a Gaming Commission.Minister of Gaming, Hon. Ralph Higgs stated; “The ministry in its preparatory phase to usher in a new Gaming Commission with increased compliance and monitoring of the sector, ensuring that the Commission is well resourced to deal with issues of non-compliance and illegal gaming. The sector, no doubt, has emerged into an area providing business investment and employment opportunities for locals, however, equally important is our efforts to incorporate “responsible gaming” as a critical aspect of the industry.”The event also provided an elaborate exhibit space, where participants got first hand exposure to new games & technology, whilst networking with supplier and distributors.  The TCI delegates agreed that the summit underscores the research, growth and development in this industry and such exposure will go a long way in efforts being made to provide the TCI Gaming industry.Press Release: TCIGlast_img read more