Bullying: feedback from the profession

first_img Comments are closed. Guy Pink, head of personnel at VictimSupport “Recruitment is key to getting in people with the right approaches – its not just about experience, but their behaviour valuesand beliefs. Training managers is also vital in ensuring that they are aware ofthese issues and what the organisation expects of them and their staff, soissues are less likely to arise or where they do they can be resolved asquickly as possible. From personal experience I can look back to managers who Inow recognise were bullying both myself and my colleagues. At the time therewas little written or spoken about this – it was just accepted as part of thework culture – and I think that there is now far more awareness backed up bylegislation as to what is acceptable behaviour for people when they are atwork. Sometimes HR is so focused on working with others that it forgets theneed to lead by example.” Danny Kalman,HR director at electronics company Matsushita Europe “It’s important to raise this issue, not only by having HR policies,but with a message from the top that bullying of any kind will not be toleratedand will be dealt with firmly. If that message is not only delivered by words,but by deeds, it will be heard very loudly. All companies should follow theirvalues/business principles, and ‘respect for the individual’ and ‘fairness andhonesty’ are fundamental points which should be adhered to at all times.” Alan Warner, corporate director ofpeople and property at Hertfordshire County Council “What we are seeing is an upsurge of people reporting bullying. Someyears ago there was unfortunately little credence givento bullying and people got away with it. The HR community has led the way ingetting the issue dealt with seriously and it is marvellous that people nowfeel able to come forward. HR people must stick to their quest to helperadicate what can be a very corrosive influence in the workplace. Theprocesses they put forward must be fair, accessible and as speedy as possible.It is hard to see why any right-minded manager could find an argument to doanything other than support a bullying-free environment.” Martin Moore, HR director, BritishMuseum “This is always tough to deal with. In a previous role at amanufacturing organisation we carried out a management review, encouraging ourstaff to give us feedback on how they were managed. It soon became clear thatsome staff felt they were being treated in a coercive fashion. This was clearlyquite incompatible with what we were trying to achieve, and as HR manager Itried to help the plant’s management team to realise that its style wasinappropriate and that it could achieve a great deal by changing it. Thisdidn’t go down well, and I left some months later to pursue my careerelsewhere. Enough said.” Saudagar Singh, HR director, utility firm Npower “HR needs to work on improving management and leadership skills so thatmanagers have the capability to create the level of productivity and financial performancewithout the need to bully or create unnecessarily stress. This requires HR toengage and obtain the commitment of the senior team. Rather than focusing onso-called anti-bullying training pro-grammes,companies may be better advised to invest in improving their managers’ peoplemanagement skills as well as the prevailing culture.” Mel Northfield, HR director atinvestment bank Mitsubishi Securities International “It is important to remember that the definition of bullying is quite apersonal or subjective thing, and what really matters forharmonious working conditions is the way the recipient feels. The hardjob for HR is to sort the wheat from the chaff and opine on what is bullyingand what constitutes a legitimate management action as part of a ‘normal’working relationship. We have implemented compulsory online training for allline managers covering a range of subjects including bullying and harassment soas to raise their awareness.” Previous Article Next Article Bullying: feedback from the professionOn 28 Sep 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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