Newly-elected government officials convene for first time

first_imgAt the new student government administration’s first Student Senate meeting, the group bestowed emeritus status upon the former student body president, vice president and chief of staff. Senate also passed a resolution requesting the campus-wide implementation of hydration stations, sustainable water sources with filters and coolants. Ben Noe, director of internal affairs for student government, said the emeritus resolutions thank former student body president Pat McCormick, vice president Brett Rocheleau and chief of staff Claire Sokas for their service to the student body. Noe said he thought the resolution bestowing emeritus status upon Sokas was especially important. “The chief of staff is the role that is all of the work for very little glory,” he said. “It’s a tough job because they kind of have to be the rule enforcer and the boss, while at the same time, they have to be your friend as well … and I think Claire did an outstanding job this year.” The resolution advocating for hydration stations requested the University “implement hydration stations in the remaining residence halls and academic buildings so all students can enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water and the University can continue fulfilling its sustainability goals.” Rocheleau, now student body president, said the hydration stations would cost approximately $70,000 in total. “Right now, all dorms next year will have hydration stations in them, so those will be implemented over the summer,” he said. “But right now, we still haven’t been able to get approvals to get them in academic buildings … If there were a filtered water source, it would be a benefit.” Contact Marisa Iati at [email protected]last_img

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