Watch Our Five Favorite Fiddler on the Roof Covers

first_imgGwen Stefani – “Rich Girl”OK, you’ve probably heard this version before (and if you haven’t, you need to teleport back to 2004 and turn on any radio station at any moment in time), but after 10 years, Gwen and Eve are still rocking those pirate costumes. Ladies, thank you for putting Fiddler on the map for 12-year-olds everywhere. Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps – “Medley”There’s some serious crossover between theater dorks and band dorks (come on, admit it, you took a French horn player to prom), so we know you’ll love this impressive 1992 video of the celebrated Santa Clara marching band. And if you’re into this, check out their Bottle Dance! In honor of the 50th anniversary of the celebrated musical Fiddler on the Roof, has been paying tribute to our favorite Jewish milkman and his family all week long. From our 50 favorite facts to Fran the Nanny as Fruma Sarah, we’re rolling out Fiddler on the Roof features to celebrate the anniversary, as well as the new production aiming for Broadway in the 2015-16 season! Check out a few of our favorite covers of Fiddler on the Roof songs, including Gwen Stefani, a drum and bugle corps and a certain In the Heights composer and star. Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda & Family – “To Life”And finally, we present the Fiddler cover that tops them all. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda surprised his bride Vanessa with a fully choreographed version of “To Life,” sung by the whole family at their wedding in 2010—and of course, because Lin and Vanessa are awesome, it went viral on YouTube. L’Chaim! Star Files View Comments Louchie Lou & Michie One – “Rich Girl”Before we go giving Gwen Stefani too much credit, we’ve gotta point out that “Rich Girl” was inspired by the 1995 Louchie Lou and Michie One single of the same name. There’s one major difference: The British reggae duo’s version includes the lyrics “you can taste this wealthy girl.” Hmm, pretty sure Tevye never sang that, either. Yidcore – “If I Were a Rich Man”What’s more awesome than a punk band from Australia? A Jewish punk band from Australia! They bust out a kick-ass version of the song, and the video adds a few more bonuses, like baby lambs, a pool, ladies in fishnets and some adult language thrown in for good measure. Guys, we’re pretty sure Tevye never dropped the “F” bomb, but whatever.last_img

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