Colombia Increases Military Presence Targeting the FARC

first_img Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón announced that Government forces will not lessen their efforts and operations to take the areas used as a base by the FARC in the department of Cauca, resulting in the latest terrorist attacks targeting the population, which he characterized as barbaric. An increase in the Military and police presence and more operations targeting the FARC in the department of Cauca were announced today by Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón, who also condemned the recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by that criminal organization in that region of the country. “We have to keep moving forward, keep taking those base areas that the FARC has established there for decades; we’re going to make greater efforts. Approximately 2,000 Armed Forces personnel have arrived in Cauca in recent months, and we’re going to review whether we have to continue putting in more troops in order to continue ensuring security, but let’s be clear that we’re not going to let up the pressure,” the head of the Defense Ministry declared in interviews with radio stations on Wednesday. Minister Pinzón denounced the most recent attacks targeting the population in municipalities in northern Cauca and stated that they are cowardly reactions by the terrorists to the operations with which the Military is reaching their base areas. “Indiscriminately attacking children and attacking public spaces where they know with certainty that there are members of the population are acts of the greatest seriousness, they’re crimes against humanity, they’re acts that motivate a much more determined response from Government forces,” he said. He explained that over the last seven months, several Military units have been activated that are now conducting operations, such as the “Apollo” Joint Task Force and mobile battalions and brigades that have been gradually taking control of areas such as Florida, Pradera, Miranda, and even the Caloto area, and that this is something new, because it means reaching what has been the base area for the FARC’s 6th Front for more than 40 years. He recalled that over the last year, the FARC has received very heavy blows in the region of southern Valle and northern Cauca, such as Operation Odysseus, in which the terrorist group’s top leader, alias ‘Alfonso Cano,’ was killed, the location and destruction of the largest explosives manufacturing installation the group has had, and the arrest of dozens of members of terrorist support structures. The minister emphasized that the National Government will conduct a comprehensive review of the situation in Cauca today and is aware that the response should have a social-investment component that can satisfy the needs of Cauca’s inhabitants, in addition to the military component. By Dialogo July 13, 2012 They used to say that that gentleman was allegedly very wise in matters of defense, I assure you that a sergeant of the army would perform this secretary task much better that that bureaucrat with a know-it-all face. Colombia doesn’t need to increase the number of forces, what is needed is to modernize weaponry, give mobility to the battalions and improve communication, also it is immediately necessary to give back to the FFAA the DISCIPLINE OF THE SIXTIES. What good is an army that is big but insubordinate and inoperative because of lack of logistics.last_img

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