‘Play ball with us’ Tioga County officials urge public to help them squash uptick in COVID-19 cases

first_imgOWEGO (WBNG) — Officials in Tioga County say they have seen an uptick in confirmed cases over the past several days and they’re urging the public to work with the health department to stop the spread. “At this point, we’re not really sure where we’re going to go from here if we’re going to see another big spike in cases but we did want to inform our community that this is occurring and we really are relying on them to do their part to help slow the spread so we don’t have another week like this,” she said. “We’ve had positive cases who may not be 100% honest about a place they’ve been or a person they’ve been with, that can lead to really bad effects,” she said. Both Holochak and Sauerbrey remind everyone to continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks. Holochak reminds the public that the virus is unpredictable, and they should continue to be vigilant. Tioga County Legislative Chair Martha Saurbrey spoke directly to the community Monday, urging the public to cooperate with the health department. They say many of the cases are a result of community spread, stemming from community gatherings, schools, and people heading out to bars and restaurants. Kylie Holochak, Public Information Officer for Tioga County Public Health says has made for a busy and frustrating week for the county’s contact tracing team. Officials say while everyone is still allowed to have gatherings and head out to bars and restaurants, they are urging you to take caution, and weigh the risks before doing so. They say the key to stopping the spread is being able to track down all close contacts of a person who has contracted the disease, and they say it’s critical that the public give them accurate information. Numbers from Tuesday, September 29th show 35 active cases, that’s up from 21 cases Monday and 13 cases on Sunday. “We’re asking the community to play ball with us,” she said. “We’re asking the community to wear their mask, to social distance, and if a contact tracer calls you at your home we ask that you be forthcoming because these are people who are doing their jobs and trying to keep the community healthy,” she said. last_img

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