“The most beautiful Croatian secret” is being revealed these days by new German guests

first_imgSlavonia is a destination that offers a significantly different form of vacation than what German guests are used to having in Croatia. Germans, especially from Bavaria, where most guests traditionally come to Croatia, know Croatian Istria, Primorje and Dalmatia well, while Slavonia is a novelty for them.According to the Glas Slavonije, That is why in their reports, journalists and editors of the Münchner Merkur newspaper Christine Hinkofer and Beate Winterer called Slavonia “the most beautiful Croatian secret”. They arrived in Slavonia thanks to the German agency ID Riva Tours, which offers destinations in Slavonia on the German market. Because of these reports, this year these two journalists were awarded the Golden Pen of the Croatian National Tourist Board.And exactly “The Most Beautiful Croatian Secret” is being revealed these days by new German guests.From September 22 to 29, a week of active vacation throughout Slavonia and Baranja is spent by about 80 German guests riding bicycles. In two buses from Bavaria, the guests, organized by ID Riva Tours and Bavarian Radio (Bayerischen Rundfunks), arrived in Croatia on Saturday, first in Zagreb. Alongside the guests is Toto Gaitanides, an expert on Bavarian Radio for cycling tours.On Sunday, the first day of the bike ride, the German guests took a route from Sovski Dol, through Levanjska Varoš to Đakovo. In Đakovo, on the large square in front of the cathedral, they had a festive welcome, with a cultural and artistic program, dried meat and other delicacies and, of course, wines. The Tourist Board and the City of Đakovo took care of such a welcome. The German guests were really delighted by this welcome, and many of them bought Slavonian products at the stands.The planned ride around Baranja on Monday was partly disrupted by the rain, but the discomfort due to the rain was “washed away” by a visit to the Josić winery and restaurant, where they warmed up with excellent wines and dinner with tambourines. On Tuesday, they cycled from the Patria Hotel in Beli Manastir, where they are located, across Suza, Mirkovac and Kozjak to Kopački rit. After visiting the Nature Park, they rested in the restaurant Didin konak, in Kopačevo.On Wednesday, a trip to Vukovar is planned, as well as a bicycle ride with a tour of the Vučedol Museum, to Ilok, where lunch is planned at the Dunav Hotel and a visit to the Old Cellar of the Ilok Cellars with wine tasting. On Thursday, a bicycle race is planned on the hills of Požega and its surroundings – from Donji Eminovac, through Kamenski to Novi Zvečevo. A ride around the Kutjevo area, like sugar at the end of this cycling tour of eastern Croatia, is scheduled for Friday. This first organized cycling tour of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem German guests end with dinner at the restaurant Zlatni lug.The organizers, representing Slavonia, stated that the area is a natural gemIt is stated that it is far from mass tourism (on the Adriatic) and with its plains, hills and forests is ideal for cycling. In particular, the organizers point out as the most important reasons for this visit to Slavonia natural beauty with nature parks Kopački rit and Papuk, magnificent vineyards and grape harvest. Also the Kutjevo cellar, which is said to have been built in 1232 and to be one of the oldest in Europe. The gastronomy of Slavonia is emphasized, as well as the dishes of the black pig, and even šäcle (Spätzle) – a German dish that Slavonia was once enriched by the Danube Germans who settled there. The rich history and culture of Slavonia are also mentioned, especially Vučedol, a settlement from the Bronze Age from the third millennium BC, but also the Cathedral of St. Peter in Đakovo, built in 1882 in the neo-Romanesque style.Judging by the interest of the Bavarians, there will be similar tourist tours in the future, because ID Riva Tours is already receiving guest applications for tourist visits and bicycle tours through Slavonia for next year.Source: Voice of Slavonialast_img

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