Valamar will enable the Sports Community and the City of Poreč to use the swimming pool in the new Pical zone

first_imgValamar plans to invest a total of around 1,5 billion kuna in the Pical zone, which will create one of the most attractive tourist zones in Croatia. The citizens of Poreč, in addition to 20.000 m2 of beaches and spaces by the sea, will have at their disposal a four-kilometer-long circular path for outdoor activities such as jogging and cycling, and a total of 10 kilometers of public-tourist promenade.  “With the agreement on the use of the sports pool at the Pinea Hotel, our swimmers and water polo players will have the opportunity to train better throughout the year in our city, and therefore we expect an increase in the interest of children and youth to actively engage in these sports. Improving training conditions will certainly result in better sports results. Certainly, new opportunities are being created for recreational water sports. We are extremely glad that the successful cooperation with the company Valamar Riviera dd continues, which has been monitoring the sports activities and successes of our member clubs and athletes for a long time. “, said Alfredo Mendiković, President of the Sports Association of the City of Poreč. Valamar Riviera, the Sports Association of the City of Poreč and the City of Poreč have signed an agreement by which Valamar Riviera enables the citizens of Poreč and sports clubs to use future pool facilities in the new Pical Zone. The agreement continues the previous successful cooperation in the Valamar Diamant 4 * hotel, and a large indoor pool and an outdoor tidal pool are made available to the City and the Sports Community as part of the future Pinea Hotel in the Pical zone. Thus, with the completion of the investment in 2021, the City of Poreč will receive significantly better conditions for the work of sports clubs and recreation of citizens. The large indoor pool will be 25 meters long with five swimming lanes, while the outdoor tidal pool will be 50 meters long. Pinea Hotel will be positioned as a luxury year-round five-star hotel, will have the largest hotel event center in Istria and a wide range of active holidays throughout the year where swimming will offer many other sports and recreational facilities for tourists and citizens. “With the construction of the Pinea Hotel in the new Pical zone, Poreč for the first time gets a large indoor sports pool with five lanes that will be open all year round and as such will be of special importance for athletes and recreationists, as well as for citizens. We are glad that we will provide even better conditions for top athletes for water sports training. “, said Andrea Štifanić, Director of the Asset Management and General Affairs Sector of Valamar Riviera. “Through this cooperation between the City, the Sports Community and Valamar, citizens will have the opportunity to use the pool, for which we are grateful. We are aware of the importance of such sports infrastructure for many recreationists and athletes and we will include it in our investment plan, of course, by solving priority infrastructure projects such as building kindergartens, arranging the waterfront, roads or housing subsidies., said the mayor of Porec, Loris Persuric. Source and photo: Valamar Rivieralast_img

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