Babes vs Rollers: The semi-final showdown…in Rossland!

first_imgHeads won’t be the only thing rolling at the Rossland Area this Friday. Dozens of roller skates wheels will be lapping the track as Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers take on the Salmo’s Babes of Brutality for the West Kootenay Roller Derby Semi-Finals. Making the semi-finals is a great achievement for the Dam City Rollers. Pantsoff, who is a player for the team, explained their success in the cheeky tone that roller derby has become known for: “The thing that’s kept the Dams together is our ‘dam’ determination. We’re a tight team and have worked hard to create a sisterhood of support and hard hitters. Having beers after practice doesn’t hurt either.” Beretta Lynch, a member of Babes of Brutality, is grateful for community support helping both the league and her team excel this year.”The key to our success is volunteer dedication. Whether that’s skaters teaching other skaters, our coaching, referee and officials staff, or the volunteers from the community who come to do one of the million things that need to be done every week, we have an incredible amount of support.” For both teams, the 2010-2011 season was their first, and for each team it was full of surprises. Beretta Lynch, who is also the training director for the league has experiences first-hand the challenges of communicating in the Kootenays. “It wouldn’t be Derby if it wasn’t challenging. Communication between five towns and hundreds of people who may or may not have cell phones or the internet is difficult. The people who’re involved are dedicated and very creative in making the league happen.” As training director of Canada’s largest roller derby league, Beretta Lynch was pleasantly surprised with the abilities of the players this year.“My biggest surprise was how quickly our skaters caught on to the essence of the game. It’s a really complicated sport. Calling it chaotic would not be wrong. The people in this area are sports-minded. They’ve caught on extremely quickly, and are playing at a level most leagues take twice as long to reach.” Panstoff and the Babes have had an extra challenge of practicing in a space much smaller than ones used for games.“A major challenge we faced in our early months was space to skate and it’s something we continue to struggle with. Because of the loss of the arena to hockey, we are back to a building three-quarters of the size of the track. It’s going to limit our ability to develop our skills but we are a tenacious bunch so I’m sure you‘ll see major improvements next season!” In preparation for Saturday’s game, the Babes have a few tricks up their skates. “We are planning on spraying the track with super sticky adhesive that will only adhere to the Babes Jammers skates…” Beretta Lynch issued warning the Babes on behalf of her team: “Friday’s bout in Rossland is gonna be tight. Dam City has improved severalfold with each bout, so the slightly more seasoned Babes will have their work cut out for them!”  Lynch also reflected on Rossland’s own Gnarlie’s Angels being the team to beat in the finals “The winner faces the undefeated Angels in the finals…and we all know they ain’t no angels.”last_img

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