The unknowns of the punishment to the City

first_imgCan the TAS annul the sanction?The City announced yesterday that it will go to the TAS (Arbitral Court of Sport). Presumably, this last legal instance will be pronounced during this summer. The City can request precautionary measures if this Court does not issue a ruling before the start of the Champions League 2020-21 and, in turn, the cancellation of the UEFA penalty. Nor is the route of ordinary justice ruled out, as the Swiss Zion once undertook, if the resolution of the TAS is not favorable. They have been waiting for this sanction for two years, so the club’s lawyers citizen They will be quite advanced. The PSG, for example, was not penalized for financial doping. The closest record evidencing UEFA’s iron fist in this Fair Financial Play has been seen with the Milan, which is serving this season the penalty imposed by the organism that governs continental football. His place in the Europa League was occupied by Roma while Torino played the previous one. In the summer of 2018, the TAS saved at the last moment the club ‘rossonero’ from a penalty of two years without playing in Europe. In 2017 Berlusconi sold the entity to Yonghong Li for € 724M, thanks to a loan from the US Elliott fund of € 300M. Li did not comply with the payments and in the summer of 2018 the club went to Elliot. UEFA opened another investigation this summer, for the irregularities in 2018-19 and with the Americans in front, which ended a pact with Milan (ratified by the TAS): the punishment of two years was only one.Can it also be sanctioned in the Premier?According to article 3.02 of the Champions regulations, the clubs of the associations belonging to Spain, England, Italy and Germany participate with four clubs that qualify through their national league. If the City finishes between the first four, its place in Champions would happen to the fifth classified. This is ratified by 3.02 and established by 4.01, section C, where he explains the rules to participate in the competition: “Have obtained a license issued by your association in accordance with the UEFA Club and Fair Play Financial Licensing Regulations“Even as per account The independent, the English Federation could impose a fine on the City in the Premier by taking away points for breaching financial regulations. Will the Champions League become the great goal of Guardiola this season?Guardiola arrived at the City in the summer of 2016, and although in his first year he failed to raise any title for the first time in his career as a coach, last year he became the first English club to win the national triplet: the League against Liverpool, the FA Cup and the League Cup. “It’s harder than the Champions”, defended. Now his revalidation will come this year in the top continental competition after fall eliminated with the City in quarters (2018-19 and 2017-18) and eighth (2016-17). He ends his contract in 2021, He wants to continue, but he also acknowledged that if Madrid eliminates them, the owner may throw him out. Now, if Juve allows it, the only possibility of ending his contract in winning the Champions League because the Premier seems impossible: Liverpool have an advantage of 22 points!If City wins the Champions League, who would go to the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup?This assumption is contemplated in the UEFA regulations, in the duties of the clubs, in its article 6.01, section N: “If applicable, to participate as a winner, or if requested, as a Champions finalist, in the European Super Cup, in the Club World Cup and in another international competition with UEFA rank“That is to say, that duty to play the European Super Cup and the World Cup I would go to the Champions finalist, in case City won its first Champions. Yes, for UEFA and the competition would be a stick (economical and prestigious) that the champion could not defend his title (The regulations of the competition ensures that the Champions of the Champions League and the Europa League play the next campaign in the maximum continental competition although they are not classified through their leagues, as explained in Article 3.03, as long as they comply with the financial rules). Can the City sign players once the penalty is executed?This sanction to the City has nothing to do with what in his day suffered Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or City itself, which was punished this summer by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for breaking the regulations regarding international transfers and the registration of players under 18. The punishments to these clubs were resolved unevenly. In theory, Manchester City will have no limitations in this regard beyond the resolution that may extend UEFA or modify the TAS. With the sanction against Milan, for example, in addition to leaving him without Europa League he limited the registration of players to 21. What would happen to the City’s income?Thebes says about the punishment to the City that “better late than never”. If the City really must be two years old without playing in the Champions League, the wound it will leave in its coffers will be of considerable size. The income that is expected this year to participate in the Champions League is a minimum of 80 million euros and a maximum of 110. Two years without being able to aspire to that piece of cake would considerably reduce your cache in terms of sponsorships and international tours. That would be difficult to compete in the Premier. A drama. The City project as it has evolved so far would be unfeasible …Mass scared of its stars?How are you going to retain the City to its stars if they won’t be able to show up in Europe? How Guardiola will renew the workforce without offering the European showcase to future incorporations? Right now, the City has up to 19 players who just signed up in 2022 or earlier, nine of the current squad and ten ceded. Names like Ottamendi (2022), Fernandinho (2021) or Omen (2021). And stars like Sterling (market value of € 160M), From bruynne (€ 150M), I healed (€ 100M) or Bernardo Silva (€ 100M) would be difficult to retain. In addition, the club would need to finance itself by selling players due to the decrease in revenue due to its absence in the Champions League and adapt the high salaries of the current squad to the new circumstances … Manchester City was sanctioned yesterday by UEFA with two years of exclusion from the next European competitions 2020-21 and 2021-22, plus a fine of 30 million euros, for infractions in the regulation of the Financial Fair Game. For a year, in March 2019, UEFA was investigating the Pep Guardiola team, which reacted yesterday as soon as the news was known. “Manchester City is disappointed but not surprised by today’s announcement by the UEFA Chamber of Adjudication,” City communicated. Now many unknowns are raised around the sanction and the English club …last_img

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