Villanueva Churches: “The VAR must not tackle the gray plays”

first_imgFormer referee Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva has defended that Video Arbitration, in which he now works, “is not the holy spirit” and has “gray plays” that should not be addressed. Iglesias Villanueva participated in the talk ‘Let’s talk about refereeing from home’, from the Galician Football Federation, in which he said that in the world of football it was thought that with the arrival of the VAR errors would disappear. “I think people thought that the VAR was going to be the holy spirit, but there will continue to be controversy and the VAR is not infallible either. It is not just a machine, we are the people behind it. Being in the VOR room implies a lot of concentration, deciding in a short time and sometimes looking for a better image that does not come out first, “he explained.The former colleague, who is confined to the Coruña town of Pontedeume, admitted that “surely” the action protocol can “improve”, but still “We all have a referee inside, a coach inside, a player inside and now, a VAR inside.” “There is a fairly clear protocol on the situations in which you can and cannot enter and it is likely that in the future it will change. In fact, something has already changed, but we cannot pretend that the VAR is continually entering because we would transform football into something else” , Held. Churches Villanueva made it clear that “there are gray plays in which the VAR cannot and should not get involved”. Along the same lines, the assistant referee of the First Division and also from A Coruña, Diego Sánchez, warned that “the VAR was not invented to make the best decision but to avoid clear and manifest errors” in a sport in which “it is not all objective” . Both began at fourteen years old in the refereeing world and, although for Iglesias Villanueva the “experience in the elite was positive”, the truth is that he also had black days, especially the one he had after a game between Valencia and Barcelona with a phantom goal. “There have been bad moments, I cannot say no, because the referees do not live in a bubble, but we are prepared for them in some way because we know what we are exposed to when there is an error. I will never be able to forget that the press came looking for me at the door of my house, at an airport or annoying my parents and my family, “he recalled. In this sense, he assured that, although they are willing to go through” bad times, sometimes reality beats fiction “and recalled that the Valencia-Barcelona mistake today would have been resolved in” five seconds “. Regarding the changes in the rules for next season, Diego Sánchez admitted that he has seen them” over the top “because” it may confuse you “for the current season and considered that they do not imply” drastic, but relatively minor “modifications.last_img

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