The Government will close Series A if there is no agreement on the protocol

first_imgThe Italian Sports Minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, stressed this Thursday that the resumption of football depends on reaching an agreement on the protocol of action and that if this does not happen they will “close” the season and seek ways to “football pay the least possible damage ““Let’s say it clearly. If the parties agree to the protocol, the training sessions will resume and, consequently, there will also be a positive reflection on the restart of the championship. If it is to the contrary, the Government will decree the closing of the season due to a health emergency“Spadafora said in statements to the ‘Rai’.The politician also made it clear that the government “will create those conditions for that the world of football pay the least possible damage due to this emergency“We know that we are talking about a great company for the country, so we will take responsibility“he stressed.In recent days, there has been criticism from the soccer world for the ban on training. “We call on the Serie A League to end the controversies and disagreements. Soccer should be a symbol of joy, passion and play, and it should divide us only when you cheer up, “he said.“The technical-scientific committee is meeting with the various components of the world of sport, such as the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), to learn more about the training protocol“added Spadafora. The country’s government has already given the green light to sports activities in public parks. “This is also a test that in two weeks will allow us to see if it is possible to gradually open something else like gyms, dance centers, various sports centers, tennis clubs, “he said.Calcium’s responseAfter being consulted by the words of the minitro, the president of the Serie A President, Paolo Dal Pino has responded that “he is always available to have a constructive dialogue.”“I really appreciate it the words of Minister Spadafora this morning and your appeal. There has been and always will be availability for a constructive dialogue, with the certainty that the work of the Minister of Sports and ours can only point to a common good in its broadest sense. It is a tremendous moment for the country and for the world, only united, we will move forward, “he said in some collected statements in La Gazzetta dello Sport.And Dal Pino continued to pave the way to reach a consensus: “Like all Italians, we would like to return to work and live our lives as soon as possible. If possible, in compliance with health standards and protocols, well. otherwise, we will strictly adhere, as we have always done, to government decisions. The minister can be assured of our constructive and collaborative spirit. My harmony with the President of the Gravina fedceration is absolute. “last_img

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