Missing Man Found Dead, Body Parts Extracted, Pastors, Others Linked

first_imgA man identified as Nimely Tarr, who went mysteriously missing a month ago, has been found dead with body parts allegedly missing from his decomposed corpse.The body was found in Playtoe Town, Diaplaye Statutory District #1 in Grand Bassa County.The parts allegedly extracted from Tarr’s body include the heart and the right hand, according to the coroner’s report from the crime scene.The body of the late Tarr was discovered by a team of traditional men during a massive search following a tip-off, on September 10.  The tip-off was recently disclosed to the Daily Observer by Grand Bassa’s supreme grand zoe, Edward Garmar.Following the discovery of Tarr’s body, several suspects were apprehended, including Pastor Philip Joe and his assistant, Pastor Emmanuel Juludoe of Christian Revival of God in Christ Church in Playtoe Town.Other suspects arrested are Erasius Morris, James Reeves, Samuel Targbehn, Daniel Ben, Onegar Zarkpah, Simeon Brown and Edward.The suspects were reportedly turned over to the Grand Bassa County Police Detachment for preliminary interrogation.Information gathered by this newspaper revealed that after church services on Sunday, August 10, 2014 the late Tarr, his pastors in question and others went to Morris Town where a hunter had killed a red deer, which they all shared.Thereafter the late Tarr departed and while en route to his home town, Woe Town, which is adjacent to Playtoe Town, he was allegedly ambushed and subsequently mobbed to death by the suspects who reportedly extracted his heart and hand for ritualistic or “heart man” purposes.According to the police charge sheet, issued on September 10, the defendants were apprehended and informed of their Miranda and constitutional rights, investigated and subsequently charged with murder, a first degree felony.During the police Crime Service Division’s intensive preliminary interrogation, defendant Onegar Zarkpah told the police that on August 10, 2014, at about 17 hours, while returning from cutting palm nuts in the bush he met co-defendant Rev. Emmanuel Juludoe, James Reeves, Samuel Tarrgban and Rev. Philip Joe, who, he said, had already killed Nimely Tarr in the late Garbleejay Zangban’s Sugar Cane Farm.The men allegedly cut the victim’s butt with a knife and told Zarkpah not to reveal to anyone what had taken place or else they would kill him.Zarkpah told the police that when he got home to Playtoe Town, he confided about the incident to Daniel Ben.  Ben asked the Town Chief of Playtoe Town, James Reeves, about the incident, and Reeves told Ben to forget about the whole matter.The police charged all of the suspects and forwarded them to the Buchanan City Court for trial proceedings.The court, presided over by Associate Magistrate Richard Browne, considered the alleged act committed by the defendants as criminal and in violation of Section 14.1 of the New Penal Law of Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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