Behind A Closed Classroom Door

first_imgBomi Hills- Pricilla still remembers how she lost her virginity, “It was my parents who indirectly forced me to lose it,” she shared.Holding her toddler son who appears to be a happy child, Pricilla laughs at her memories when she first felt the touch of a man.“I was 14 years old when I slept with a man I thought was my role model. A man who led me into believing that if I gave him me, he would give me a brighter future,” she added.Pricilla is one of many teenagers who admit that she has sold sex for grades and says she did it because there was no alternative.“My parents thought that when I was in the 6th grade I was too slow in learning, so they hired a teacher to tutor me after school. Every day they forced me to go to his house to be tutored, but my parents didn’t know that they were sending me there every day to lose my virginity,” she revealed.According to the talkative teen, she says her tutor first approached her for sex the day he found out that she was a student who had a hard time picking up on her lessons.“When he tried to teach me, I couldn’t focus because he was always flirting with me and it made me too uncomfortable to learn around him,” she said.Pricilla says when her tutor became frustrated with her inability to learn, he would refuse teaching her but preferred touching and teasing the teen instead.‘The first day he took my virginity, he made me feel guilty about my poor learning skills and told me that if I allowed him to secretly take my virginity, he would do all my work for me and pass me,” she added.Meanwhile, Pricilla says the sexual contact between the two of them continued and her grades became worse. As promised, her tutor began doing all of her work for her, which put Pricilla at a troubling academic level.“I became lazy in learning because every time I did things to him sexually when he wanted it and he would do all of my assignments. Almost three months after he started having me, he stopped,” she said.According to Pricilla, she became pregnant immediately after she lost her virginity and though she was in trouble with her parents for allowing it to happen, she was able to tell them the truth about who did it to her.“They believed me when I told them it was ‘teacher’ who had impregnated me. They knew that I never went anywhere else other than to his study class that was located at his house,” she said.Unfortunately for the schoolgirl, the family was torn between pressing rape charges against the man who had impregnated their daughter, and making a bad decision that could cost the unborn child its life, so they let it go.“Instead of calling the police, they told him to support me through the pregnancy, which he did. But to my surprise, as soon as I had the baby, they took it away from me and gave it to ‘teacher’ because he was already married,” Pricilla said.But, Pricilla says that after she talked her parents into forgetting that her life was ruined because of her study teacher, she talked them into bringing her infant back home. Pricilla’s son was two years old when he was returned to his mother.“I don’t have any hard feelings about how my education went. the only thing is, when I hear parents saying that they want to send their girls to study at the home of a male teacher, I make it my duty to stop them by sharing my story with them,” she added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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