Samukai Recommends Discipline to Newport Junior High Students

first_imgSpeaking on the upcoming presidential and representative elections, Samukai encouraged the students not to be misled by politicians, but to listen to their teachers and make decisions that will benefit them and their country by voting the right people to power.“It will be your calm-looking image and discipline that will appeal to voters to make the best choice at the October polls,” Samukai told the students, who responded with a round of applause.“If you refer to an activity or situation as a discipline, you mean that, in order to be successful in it, you need to behave in a strictly controlled way and obey particular rules or standards.“If you discipline yourself to do something, you train yourself to behave and work in a strictly controlled and regular way.”The school principal, J. Luke Garlo, earlier welcomed Minister Samukai and his entourage to the school, and also expressed gratitude to the students who honored their teachers.Friday’s ceremony was climaxed with all-around celebrations, led by the student leadership, when Minister Samukai presented a purse of L$20,000 to the school.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Min. Samukai presents a certificate of honor from the students to Principal Garlo. J. Brownie Samukai, Jr., the Minister of National Defense, on Friday cautioned members and officers of the Student Council Government of Newport Junior High School, his Alma mater, to remain disciplined in their academic pursuits.Discipline, Samukai said, entails the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, where the teachers sometimes use punishment to correct anyone in the wrong.“A lack of proper parental and school discipline,” Samukai said,  leads to the practice of making people obey rules or standards of behavior, and punishing them when they do not.He urged the students to remain loyal to constituted authority by listening to their teachers, the headmaster and those that are playing leadership roles in their student council government.Samukai’s admonition was contained in his extemporaneous remarks at a program marking Teachers’ Appreciation Day held in the school’s auditorium.During the ceremony, the student council government, representing  over 1,516  first to 9th graders, certificated the 40 teachers assigned in the school.The students also certificated members of the support staff and some of their colleagues, who they said had remained disciplined, even the best-dressed, during the just ended academic calendar.last_img

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