Short circuit Tokyo unveils chatty roboteers for 2020 Olympics

first_imgTokyo: Tokyo Olympic organisers on Friday rolled out a pair of chatty robots they will put to work to assist wheelchair users at the 2020 Games as they continue to plug Japan’s cutting-edge technology. Billed as distant relations to beeping Star Wars drone R2D2, Toyota unveiled its human support (HSR) and delivery support robots (DSR), which are set to act as seat ushers and will fetch food and drinks for disabled fans at next year’s Olympics. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open In an Olympic first, the waist-high, robotic “volunteers” will breezily introduce themselves to customers, who can then place orders on a tablet. “Hello, everyone. I’m a lifestyle support robot,” the fully rotating HSR said in a demonstration. “I’ll fetch things for you. I also have an extendable arm that can pick things up if you drop them,” it added. In reality, the DSR “deli-bot” — with its built-in drinks tray — rather more closely resembles a moving dustbin with blinking lights, but Toyota insisted the technology would ensure a more comfortable Games experience for wheelchair users. Also Read – Fast bowler Behrendorff to undergo spinal surgery “It will be much easier and more convenient to interact with robots,” Minoru Yamauchi, general manager of the 2020 robot development department, told AFP. “In the run-up to the Olympics we will work on other useful functions that they can carry out.” Toyota are currently planning to deploy 16 units of each droid at the 2020 Olympics. Games organisers also unveiled a Panasonic-developed exoskeleton suit to help with a range of Olympic-related chores, such as delivering or loading heavy baggage brought to Japan by athletes and officials. – Science fiction – =================== “We want to go beyond the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in terms of legacy,” said Hideyo Hirata, deputy executive director of technology services for the 2020 Games. “Often robots have not been seen as our friends,” he added, invoking dystopian science fiction. “But in Japan, people actually want to know how robots can help with and be part of our daily lives.” Driverless cars, facial recognition and ultra high-definition TV are just a few of the other ways Japan Inc. hopes to use the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to show the world it has regained its touch for innovation and technology. The last time Japan hosted the Olympics, in 1964, it launched the iconic bullet train — a sleek symbol of the country’s recovery from World War II. This time around there is speculation a flying car will be used to light the Olympic flame, although 2020 organisers are keen to stress the practical use of technology. Panasonic’s powered body suit went on sale last year at a cost of a little over USD 6,000 each, with more than 200 units already ordered. They have attracted interest in the farming sector, but similar products have been used for years in hospitals, helping caregivers lift injured or elderly patients. “Japan has a shrinking population, and an ageing one,” said Panasonic’s Yoshifumi Uchida. “We want to contribute to a society where people are not concerned about age or gender difference. These products are designed to help create a better future.”last_img read more

Buckeyes fend off comeback attempts defeat Ohio 7969

Junior forward, Sam Thompson (12), dunks the ball for Ohio State. OSU won against Ohio, 79-69, Nov. 12 at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Ritika Shah / Asst. photo editor Following a 19-year hiatus, the Ohio State men’s basketball team held on to beat in-state rival Ohio University Tuesday, 79-69.The Buckeyes (2-0, 0-0) started fast, scoring the first nine points of the game and making their first three shots. The Bobcats did not get on the board until junior guard Stevie Taylor connected on a jumper more than five minutes into the game.A total of 55 fouls were called over the course of the game, causing play to be disjointed at times. OSU finished 38 of 51 from the free throw line on the night, attempting seven more free throws than field goal attempts. The 38 made free throws tied a school record, set in 1968.The heavy amount of foul calls could be the result of a new rule implemented for the 2013-14 season by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee, who voted to pass a new stipulation banning any hand or forearm contact by a defensive player. OSU coach Thad Matta said the change is something his team needs to continue to adjust to.“I (said) at the beginning of the season it was going to be a little bit different and I think we got to continue to adjust,” Matta said after the win.Senior guard Aaron Craft agreed, and said it was tough to get into a flow in the game.“We kind of came into this year having an understanding, that’s how games are going to be called … a lot of fouls, a lot of stoppage in play,” Craft said. “It really just makes you focus. You have to refocus every time the ball stops.”Four Buckeyes scored in double figures, led by Craft with 18. Junior center Amir Williams recorded his first double-double of his career, scoring 14 points and snatching 10 rebounds. Junior forward Sam Thompson scored 12 points, and junior forward LaQuinton Ross added 10.The Buckeyes led, 40-28, at halftime, partly because they shot 15 of 20 from the free throw line.While the Buckeyes’ lead swelled to 17 in the first half, the Bobcats cut it to five after junior forward Maurice Ndour put back a miss with just less than four minutes to go.Senior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. hit a 3-pointer from the corner, though, with 1:55 on the clock to extend OSU’s lead to 10. The Bobcats (1-1, 0-0) fired right back, as senior guard Nick Kellogg answered with a three of his own, keeping the Bobcat fans into the game. Kellogg and Taylor finished with 21 points each.“We’ve been in tight situations before. They had momentum, they had courage. They thought they were going to win the game,” Smith Jr. said. “For some teams, they might have panicked, but for us, I wouldn’t expect us to panic at all. We’ve been at every spectrum of the basketball game. We’ve been in tight situations.”Playing a team who would not back down like Ohio is an experience Smith Jr. said will help the team later in the season, including Saturday when the Buckeyes travel to Marquette to battle the No. 17 Golden Eagles.“It’s definitely going to keep us on our toes. Marquette is a very good basketball team,” Smith Jr. said. “(It’s) another humbling experience, no matter who you play, you gotta show up every game now, if you want to win games at this level.”Craft found the ball in his hands as the game clock wound down, making enough free throws to seal the victory for the Buckeyes.“Having them come back the way they did, making big play after big play down the stretch, and us having to come back and make a big play on our own, that’s something that’s really going to help us later on,” Craft said. “It’s games like this that really help us later on.”Matta agreed with Craft, adding that his players had “a little bit of a dazed look” in their eyes in the second half while facing the relentless Bobcats. The Buckeyes responded well though, which Matta said is a positive moving forward.“We weren’t as sharp as we needed to be, and maybe it was a little too easy early (on),” Matta said. “But I thought down the the stretch we made some big plays.”OSU travels to Milwaukee Saturday to take on the Golden Eagles. Tip off is scheduled for 1 p.m. read more

Weipa bauxite mine wins award

first_imgComalco’s bauxite mine at Weipa in Queensland has won the Australian minerals industry’s highest accolade – the 2006 MINEX Award – the National Minerals Industry Safety and Health Excellence Award. At the Awards dinner on October 23, Minerals Council of Australia MCA Chief Executive Mitchell H Hooke said the Australian minerals industry was committed to continuous improvement in achieving its goal of an industry free of fatalities, injury and disease. “We will not rest until we have achieved our goal of zero harm in the workplace and communities in which we operate,” he said.The industry considers there is no greater stewardship responsibility than the safety and health of its people. “In the past decade the industry has improved out of sight, from having one of the worst industrial safety records in Australia to having one of the best. But there is no salvation for the individual or their loved ones in improved industrial safety statistics if that individual is harmed in the workplace. The MINEX awards are a recognition of the industry’s commitment to excellence in sharing health and safety results and testament to its number one priority of zero harm in the workplace and the communities in which we operate, Hooke said.”In 2006, the MINEX Awards were realigned to use Enduring Value – the Australian Minerals Industry Framework for Sustainable Development, as their guiding principles for assessment. “Weipa has integrated safety and health into all aspects of its operation,” Hooke said. “Its operations represent a step change in industry leading practice focused on a continuous improvement loop, that is integrated into a long term strategy for the site. Through its leadership, culture and stakeholder awareness, Weipa, across all levels of the operation and community, demonstrates its maturity and passion for safety and health. Its business integrated approach with active and ongoing continuous improvement represents industry leading practice.”A Highly Commended Award was presented to BMA’s Norwich Park Mine in Queensland. Norwich Park has been mining coal near Dysart in Queensland since 1979. It was recognized for strong leadership and commitment to achieving outstanding safety results and culture throughout its operation, and the consistent and disciplined application of a risk management process for all activities.The judges also commended Iluka’s Narngulu Processing Plant, near Geraldton in Western Australia for its leadership, which is actively and systematically seeking to achieve a strong safety culture, strengthened by a high level of commitment at all levels of its operation.last_img read more

Australian newspaper apologises after photoshopping image of Boston bombing victim

first_imgTHE EDITOR OF The Daily Telegraph in Australia has issued an apology after a photoshopped image was used to illustrate a story about the resignation of a Sydney Morning Herald columnist.The composite image of SMH columnist Mike Carlton was made using part of a photo of Boston bombing victim James Costello, along with Carlton’s face and an Arab headdress.Carlton is depicted staggering away from a war zone scene under the headlines ‘Imploding. Always’ and ‘Mad Mike Goes to War’.Carlton resigned from the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday night after he was told he was being suspended for using “inappropriate” and “offensive” language towards readers.The Twitter account @TheMurdochTimes was among the first to highlight the use of the Boston image in the Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph’s double page spread about Carlton’s resignation had already resulted in a strong reaction on social media, reports The Guardian.Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker issued a statement from the paper’s Twitter account: James Costello pictured at a Boston rehabilitation hospital in May 2013 Source: AP/Press Association ImagesRead: The Telegraph hastily change unfortunate front page headline-photo combo> The photoshopped image was an amalgam of different images put together during the art production process. I was unaware that particular image had been partially used. It is an inadvertent but regrettable mistake for which The Daily Telegraph apologises unreservedly.last_img read more

Mars un robot sauteur pour explorer la planète rouge

first_imgMars : un robot sauteur pour explorer la planète rouge ?Imaginez un robot à pattes en train de bondir sur Mars. C’est ce qui semble avoir inspiré une équipe de techniciens britanniques qui développent actuellement un concept de robot “bondissant” capable de se déplacer rapidement à la surface de la planète rouge. Et si les robots envoyés sur Mars perdaient leurs roues ? Des chercheurs britanniques, membres de la Leicester University et de l’entreprise spatiale Astrium, tentent de mettre au point un robot sauteur, qui soit capable de se poser à n’importe quel endroit sur Mars. En effet, pour le moment, les véhicules se déplacent à l’aide de roues mais celles-ci sont souvent entravées par le sable, le terrain accidenté ou encore les rochers. C’est pourquoi les scientifiques ont tenté d’imaginer une autre forme d’engin qui pourrait survoler ces obstacles et atterrir sur une surface plate et sûre. Dans la revue Proceedings of the Royal Society, ils présentent ainsi un étonnant projet de robot-sauteur. Selon la description faite, l’engin qui pèserait tout de même plus d’une tonne, serait capable d’effectuer des bonds de 800 mètres ou plus à la surface de la planète rouge. Un robot propulsé par une fusée thermique Pour cela, le véhicule serait propulsé par une fusée thermique à radio-isotopes qui utiliserait des matériaux naturellement présents sur Mars pour fonctionner, comme le dioxyde de carbone. Comme l’ont expliqué les chercheurs, le gaz pourrait être extrait de l’air martien, puis comprimé et liquéfié. Introduit dans un chambre et exposé à une chaleur intense venant d’une source radioactive, le CO2 se dilaterait alors de façon explosive à travers un injecteur.”La source d’alimentation à radio-isotopes chauffe le condensateur thermique, situé au coeur du véhicule. À son tour, celui-ci active les propulseurs permettant au robot d’effectuer une forte poussée”, expliquent les chercheurs, repris par RedOrbit. L’équipe a attentivement étudié la thermodynamique, le transfert de chaleur et rigoureusement sélectionné certains matériaux pour le robot. Ils ont avant tout cherché à créer un design viable tout en évaluant soigneusement les risques liés à la mission. Ceci leur a permis de développer plusieurs modèles afin d’évaluer les limites des performances thermodynamiques ou encore de déterminer la distance idéale d’un bond. “Le propulseur thermique à radio-isotopes représente l’un des aspects les plus inédits du projet. Il sera donc bien sûr évalué comme un risque technique pour le développement. La conclusion importante reste que la conception de la technologie thermofluide semble assez robuste”, ont conclu les auteurs qui ont passé ces trois dernières années à peaufiner leur projet.Le problème des jambesLes supports du robot ont représenté un véritable défi pour les techniciens. Hautes de quatre mètres, elles ont nécessité une attention toute particulière. Actuellement, les véhicules utilisent des matériaux en forme d’alvéoles pour atténuer l’impact au moment de l’atterrissage. En revanche, ce robot aura besoin d’un matériau de réduction des impacts renouvelables et résistant pour supporter les nombreux atterrissages. Les chercheurs se sont ainsi tournés vers “un système magnétique enseigné dans la plupart des écoles”, selon Mike Williams d’Astrium. “Lorsque vous lâchez un aimant le long d’un tube de cuivre, il tombe très doucement car lors de la chute, l’aimant crée des courants de Foucault qui génèrent un champ magnétique inversé. Nous allons utiliser ce procédé, sans aucun fluides, ce qui signifie que l’appareil ne sera sensible ni à l’environnement, ni aux basses températures”, avance-t-il.Un robot autonome et constructibleÀ lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreL’idée de ce nouveau type de robot date en vérité de 2010, mais le projet apparait de plus en plus réalisable. “L’avantage de cette approche, c’est que le robot a la possibilité de traverser des terrains accidentés mais aussi d’augmenter sa mobilité. Il peut ainsi parcourir de plus grandes distances que les robots actuels, qui restent tout de même de véritables succès”, détaille Hugo Williams du Leicester’s Space Research Center cité par BBC. Le seul problème sur lequel les concepteurs travaillent encore reste la production de la substance permettant la propulsion du robot. Le système qui collecte et comprime le CO2 met plusieurs semaines à fournir une quantité utilisable de propulsif. Selon les scientifiques, ce temps devra ainsi être drastiquement réduit avant que le robot puisse être développé.”Il est difficile de dire où va mener l’étude du robot-sauteur. Mais il est important de se rappeler que la raison pour laquelle nous faisons ce genre de recherche n’est pas nécessairement de définir un concept pour une mission mais de développer des technologies qui peuvent servir à d’autres types de missions spatiales ou même faire l’objet d’application ici sur Terre”, a conclu Hugo Williams.  Le 26 septembre 2013 à 19:25 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Protest of In God We Trust display proposal planned

first_imgA group plans to rally outside the Clark County Public Service Center on Tuesday morning to protest a proposal to display the words “In God We Trust” in the county’s main public hearing room.Clark County councilors are scheduled to consider the proposal during their regular Tuesday meeting, which begins at 10 a.m. in the public service center. Opponents say they’ll begin gathering outside the building at 9 a.m.“We just felt that it was important to push back on that,” said Karen Hengerer, who opposes the idea and has helped organize the gathering. Hengerer said she and others consider the proposal an affront on religious freedom, and “freedom from religion.”The idea was floated by Councilor Tom Mielke, who has characterized the move as a way to honor a long-standing tradition in the United States. “In God We Trust” has officially been the national motto since 1956.Clark County would be only the second local jurisdiction in Washington to display the motto in its public chamber, according to In God We Trust-America, Inc., an organization that advocates for putting the phrase in public buildings. The other is Pierce County, where leaders voted to display the motto last year.last_img read more

PM leaves for Paris to attend One Planet Summit

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina. File photoPrime minister Sheikh Hasina left Dhaka for Paris on Monday morning on a three-day official visit to attend ‘One Planet Summit’, reports news agency UNB.An Emirates flight carrying the prime minister and her entourage left Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 10:20am.During her visit, the prime minister will hold a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron.French president Macron, World Bank group president Jim Yong Kimand, UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres will address the ecological emergency for planet by calling together in Paris international leaders and committed citizens from around the world.A main focus of this event will be on determining how those working in public and private finance can innovate to support and accelerate common efforts to fight climate change.The prime minister is scheduled to reach Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris at 7:30 pm (local time) on Monday.Bangladesh ambassador to France Kazi Imtiaz Hossain will receive the Prime Minister at the airport.From the airport, Sheikh Hasina in a ceremonial motorcade will be taken to Intercontinental Paris Le Grand (Opera) where she will be staying during the visit.At the conference, the prime minister and other global leaders will discuss seven specific issues, including carbon neutral alliance, alliance on boycotting coal, climate funding, said the foreign minister.He hoped that the global leaders will make new commitments during the conference on climate issues.The prime minister will hold a bilateral meeting with French President on Tuesday morning which will help strengthen the relations and expand the areas of cooperation between the two countries. Hasina visited France in 1999 and 2011.She will also join lunch to be hosted by French President for the heads of state and government, co-organisers and VIPs of the Summit at Elysee Palace.On Tuesday evening, the prime minister will attend the High Level Segment of the One Planet Summit at La Seine Musicale. After returning from the Summit, the PM will join a community event at her place of residence.The prime minister is scheduled to return home on 14 December.last_img read more

CM launches blistering attack on BJP govt calls for its ouster

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday lashed out at the BJP government at the Centre, for its attempts to create divisions among people and gave the call for its ouster in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.”Do not support those who are trying to divide the country. You should vote for change. We want a new government at the Centre. Have faith in Trinamool Congress as we are always with the people,” Banerjee said, addressing a public distribution programme at Sripur, Jamuria, in West Burdwan. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBanerjee said that the saffron party is trying to create violence and disturbance at different places in the country. “I will not let them create rift among the people for votes. We do not do so. Bengal is a place where people of all religions live in peace and harmony. People here are of different caste and creed but we celebrate all festivals together. This is the culture of Bengal,” she reiterated. She alleged that BJP is trying to bring in people from the neighbouring Jharkhand in an effort to create divisions among people. “People sporting saffron clothes on their foreheads are entering Bengal and trying to create disturbance. We have a cordial relationship with Jharkhand. It is our neighbouring state. If Bengal lives well then Jharkhand should also do so,” she maintained. The Chief Minister’s statement assumes significance, with Jamuria sharing its boundary with Jharkhand. It may be mentioned that in her efforts to garner support against BJP, Banerjee has already given the call for a mammoth rally at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on January 19, where around 20 parties opposing BJP will be joining. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedBanerjee also touched upon the development work of her government and shared some of her future plans for further development. She launched a slew of new projects for the district and handed over government benefits to hundreds of beneficiaries. Following the public distribution programme, Banerjee held an administrative review meeting for East and West Burdwan districts with district and state officials and took stock of the development work.last_img read more

The Ghost of the Green Lady Haunts this Spectacular French Chateau

first_imgThe famous Château de Brissac, an impressive example of Renaissance French architecture in France’s Loire Valley, attracts thousands of visitors every year. However, there is one frightening resident of the castle that few tourists wish to see. According to local rumor, the castle is haunted by the ghost of Charlotte de Brézé, a beautiful young woman who was brutally murdered by her husband in the 15th century.Today, many local residents believe that she still occupies the iconic chapel tower, tormenting the castle’s residents and visitors. Her mutilated corpse is reported to be a horrifying sight.Château de Brissac by Octave de Rochebrune (1888).According to Le Figaro, the Château de Brissac is one of the Loire region’s most impressive treasures. Originally built as a fortress in the 11th century by the dukes of Anjou, it was later pulled down and rebuilt in a decadent Renaissance style by the new royal favorite Charles II de Cossé, the first Duke of Brissac.The result was an enormous fairytale castle that dominated the region and added considerable prestige to the reputations of Charles and his descendants.East and north elevations. Photo by Wladyslaw Sojka CC BY-SA 3.0However, despite these expensive 17th century renovations, the castle still guards many secrets from its medieval past. Just 150 years before Charles took possession of the estate, it had been the site of a shocking and grisly double murder that left a permanent stain on the castle’s history.In 1462, the castle was in the possession of Jacques de Brézé, seneschal of Normandy and a favored noble in the court of King Charles VII. The king decided for his illegitimate daughter Charlotte, the product of his infamous union with the courtesan Agnes Sorel, to marry Jacques de Brézé, in recognition of his loyal service. According to royal historian Kathleen Wellman, despite the circumstances of Charlotte’s birth, she was a particular favorite of both the king and the queen, Marie of Anjou. The match was regarded as politically expedient for all concerned.East elevation. Photo by Manfred Heyde CC BY-SA 3.0Unfortunately, this arranged marriage was not successful. Charlotte had sophisticated tastes and was used to life at court. A drafty castle in the countryside didn’t suit her, and she immediately took a dislike to the boorish character of her husband. He spent long days in the countryside, hunting and tending to his estates, and had little time for the refined, courtly pleasures that Charlotte was accustomed to.Before long, according to local rumor, she had embarked upon an affair with a man named Pierre de Lavergne. Pierre was a huntsman in the retinue of her husband and is reported to have been handsome and cultivated. He lavished attention and affection on the unhappy Charlotte, and they soon became entangled in a passionate love affair.Château de Brissac.One night, after a long day of hunting and feasting, Jacques returned to the castle only to find his wife in bed with her lover. In a fit of rage, he killed them both. The precise circumstances of their deaths are the subject of some speculation. Some sources report that he dealt 100 blows to each of them with his hunting axe, while others suggest that he killed Pierre immediately and then strangled his unfortunate wife. Their bodies were never recovered.This was not the end, however, to Jacques’ misery. According to the story, he moved away from the castle soon after Charlotte’s death, apparently plagued by the incessant wailing of her ghost that haunted the castle.South elevation. Photo by Manfred Heyde CC BY-SA 3.0The ghost of Charlotte de Brézé has reportedly remained in the tower of the castle chapel ever since the fateful night of her murder. While the spirit of her lover appears to have moved on rather quickly, Charlotte herself has haunted the rooms of the castle for centuries, striking fear into the hearts of visitors.According to ghost-hunter Wesley McDermont, she is often seen floating through the castle wearing a green dress, earning her the nickname of the ‘Green Lady’. Her face is a shocking and ugly sight to behold, with large gaping holes in place of her eyes.Read another story from us: The World’s Most Famous Ghost has been Sighted in Some Amazing PlacesUnless her restless spirit is avenged, the unhappy ghost of Charlotte de Brézé appears destined to remain in the Château de Brissac, wailing in a high-pitched voice, lamenting the death of her lover and cursing her murderous husband.last_img read more

Art world descends on Cuba for a month amid surging interest

first_img Comments   Share   Four benefits of having a wireless security system HAVANA (AP) — A surge in interest in all things Cuban is extending to paintings and sculpture, with U.S. art collectors and dealers descending on Havana for a monthlong exhibition amid expectations that art prices will rise because of the detente between the former Cold War rivals.The event known as the Biennial, or the Bienal in Spanish, was opening Friday with works by artists from 40 countries at museums, galleries and outdoor spaces around Cuba’s capital. But most of the attention is on the works of native-born artists, especially for the legions of foreign collectors and dealers who have been filling hotels and restaurants in recent days. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The vital role family plays in society Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 3 international destinations to visit in 2019center_img He sees that changing fast.“You’re getting a lot of collectors who are running to Cuba to buy art,” Farber said. “It’s the biggest opportunity for an art collector to start a collection.”Art critic Rafael Acosta de Arriva agreed.“It’s going to be a moment of major effervescence,” he said. “It’s good to note that the Bienal is not put together to promote the commerce of art but to explore artistic themes. But the collectors tend to take advantage of this great moment and a lot of buying and selling gets done.”More than 1,200 people have formally signed up to participate in Biennial events, which run through June 22, said Jorge Fernandez, one of the organizers. There are at least 1,000 more who will take part in workshops and other events without bothering to get accredited, he said.“Cuban art has had major recognition,” Cernuda said. “What’s different now is there will be U.S. tourists, nurtured during events like the Bienal.”___Associated Press writers Ben Fox and Beth Harpaz contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. It is taking place at a historic moment in U.S.-Cuba relations. In December, President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro announced that they would move toward restoring the diplomatic relations that were broken off in 1961.While the decades-long U.S. economic embargo remains in place and general tourism is still illegal, the Obama administration has eased restrictions on travel and commerce. Cuban officials say the number of U.S. visitors — both legal and otherwise — was up by more than 30 percent in the first four months of the year.That is carrying over into the Biennial, said Alberto Magnan, a Cuban-American gallery owner from New York who represents artists taking part in the exhibition.“The energy is better than I’ve seen in any of the Biennials,” said Magnan, who attended five of the previous exhibitions. “I’ve seen more U.S. collectors than I’ve ever seen and it hasn’t even begun yet. Times are changing and I believe that with the new Obama policy it’s changing faster than we think.”Even under the embargo, it’s legal for U.S. citizens to purchase Cuban art, though works cannot be directly commissioned by a U.S. buyer and cannot have been financed by the Cuban government. Some collectors have taken advantage of that loophole, though prices remain relatively low, according to Howard Farber, a resident of New York and Miami Beach whose foundation publishes the online Cuban Art News magazine. Top Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement People sit on deck chairs on an artificial beach as a bride and groom ride a classic American convertible car on the Malecon in Havana, Cuba, Thursday, May 21, 2015. The artificial beach is part of a collective artistic intervention named Sponsored Stories last_img read more

RCI Pacific Announces Go Green 2012 Award Winners

first_img RCI, the global leader in holiday exchange,announced the winners of its innovative “Go Green Awards” for its affiliated resorts in thePacific region at the recent Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC)conference. This award is a reflection of RCI’s ongoing commitment to environmental and socialstewardship.New Zealand’s Club Paihia took top honours, winning the grand prize two years running. Theresort significantly improved an already impressive array of green accomplishments, includingongoing refurbishments, cost-effective sustainable practices, continued care for an adjacentnative wildlife habitat and an evident enviro-friendly supply chain of management.Runners-up Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Torquay and The Pines Resort in Wanaka,New Zealand, shared similarities including a modified setting where both finalists arestrategically working toward becoming models of in-town sustainability within resortcommunities. To recognise their commitment to sustainable environmental practices, each of thefinalists received cash donations to further expand their environmental programs.Dr. David Weaver, professor of Tourism Research at Griffith University, acted as adjudicatoragain this year, assessing resorts on a combination of energy use, waste disposal and reduction,supply chain and water management, facility design, and community and guest engagement – a“best practice” self-assessment process, similar to the top green awards and certificationscurrently in circulation within the tourism industry.“The three impressive finalists selected this year all reflect the triple challenge of (a) managing‘inherited’ properties that were not originally built with sustainability in mind, (b) coping withtricky climate and topography conditions and (c) meeting customer and owner expectations ofcomfort and amenity,” explained Dr. Weaver.According to Dr. Weaver, practices such as recycling and linen re-use programs, bothinnovations two decades ago, are now the norm and taken for granted. He believes it’s the newinitiatives such as refurbishment strategies and educating stakeholders about the personal andglobal benefits of sustainable practices that are crucial. “Differentiating your property now isabout going the extra mile to help the community and the environment through outreach todifferent stakeholder groups,” added Dr. Weaver.With eco-holidaying and green-tourism steadily evolving into mainstream travel, RCI Pacificsaw an opportunity three years ago to pioneer the first timeshare ‘Go Green’ program in thePacific and for RCI worldwide. “Recognising a growing ‘green conscious’ member base allowed us to champion a green message in line with our corporate social responsibility,” said CharisseCox, managing director of RCI Pacific.“By actively engaging affiliated resorts within the exchange network to embrace sustainablepractices and to demonstrate a commitment to incorporating green measures into all facets ofdaily resort operations, we are seeing resorts capitalise on the social and economic benefit tobusiness and to their respective communities,” said Cox.As the coveted RCI ‘Go Green Award’ program continues to grow and gain support regionally, ithas also expanded on an RCI global level. North America and Europe have both modelled theirGreen Award programs after the successful Pacific initiative and recently announced their GreenAward winners. Charisse Cox (Managing Director RCI Pacific) & Martyn Rix (CEO of Monad Pacific Management), the management company for Club Paihia. Charisse Cox (Managing Director RCI Pacific) & Stephen Goy (Operations Manager Monad Pacific Management), the management company for The Pines Resort. Charisse Cox (Managing Director RCI Pacific) & Barry Robinson (Managing Director and CEO of Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific). Source = RCIlast_img read more

What an MLB source said about the Dbacks trade h

first_img What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Cardinals offensive lineman Daryn Colledge announced onTwitter Tuesday that he is undergoing elbow surgery.Ladies and gentleman the day has arrived, elbow surgeryyeah!! I’ll be off my game for a few days. But I’ll seey’all on the other side.— Daryn Colledge(@DarynColledge71) January 17, 2012 Comments   Share   Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away We’re not sure which elbow is being operated on or whatexactly the problem is to begin with, but Colledge’soptimism would lead one to believe it’s nothing tooserious. Colledge signed with the Cardinals last offseason afterspending the first five seasons of his NFL career with theGreen Bay Packers.He started all 16 games for the Cardinals at left guard,and helped pave the way for Beanie Wells to become theteam’s first 1,000 yard rusher since Edgerrin Jameseclipsed the mark in 2007. D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Top Stories last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterMary Saunders from Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau was in Sydney this week to share details about the return of BOLD Holidays, a festivity that kicks off on 15 November with the Rodeo Drive Holiday Lighting Celebration.BOLD sees the City of Beverly Hills transform into a colourful wonderland during the holiday season. Displays include an array of sparkling lights on Rodeo Drive, interactive décor in Beverly Canon Gardens, LED icicles suspended over North Beverly Drive, vibrantly illuminated columns and obelisks on South Beverly and North Canon Drives, and a vivid BOLD sign and bright lotus flowers, located in beautiful Beverly Gardens Park.Saunders, VP Business Development for BHCVB said the event will run in the evening through until 22 December on Friday and Saturday nights. This year’s BOLD will see shopping hours extended and there will be live entertainment and performances, art installations and activities for the whole family to enjoy.Participation is free (unless noted).Highlights of BOLD include:ALEXA MEADE HOLIDAY POP-UP (15 NOV – 23 DEC)Beginning November 15, interactive artist Alexa Meade returns to Beverly Hills to create a unique holiday pop-up experience. Visitors will be invited to step into two-dimensional paintings and interact with the installations by donning hand-painted attire and accessories, providing guests with fun, colourful and memorable photo opportunities. Special appearances will be made by the artist on select dates throughout the season.BOLD RIDES (17, 24 NOV & 1, 8 DEC)Be our guest for an exciting ride around town in a luxury or exotic automobile provided by Midway Car Rental, such as a Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari California, to experience some of the city’s holiday lights.AWE-INSPIRING MOTORCYCLE COACHES MAKE THEIR DEBUT (14, 15, 21, 22 DEC)Beverly Hills has partnered with motorcycle coach company, QuinCoach, to debut several new models on the West Coast as part of BOLD Holidays, including one covered in 50,000 crystals. These custom designed coaches will provide an unforgettable experience for the whole family.LIVE HOLIDAY MUSIC IN BEVERLY CANON GARDENS (16, 23, 30 NOV & 7, 14, 21 DEC )Families and friends will get into the holiday spirit when they visit Beverly Canon Gardens’ central courtyard on Friday evenings during BOLD Holidays to hear live holiday music by various artists in a festive setting.BOLD HOLIDAYS ART WALKS (30 NOV & 7 DEC)Join knowledgeable art curators as they guide patrons to select art galleries in the city. Walks will begin with a meet and greet at TASCHEN Books and conclude with a visit to the Alexa Meade Holiday Pop-Up. This week’s event was held at O Bar & Dining, atop Australia Square in Sydney, and saw a group of 50 invited guests, including Signature Media, treated to champagne and canapes. Joining Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau hosting the event was Viceroy Hotels & Resorts and United Airlines.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterA luxury family holiday is now even easier at Nanuku Auberge Resort (Pacific Harbour, Fiji) with the launch of Nanuku’s new babysitting, accommodation and dining benefits.The resort is now including complimentary babysitting for every child under six, who will be allocated a dedicated Nanny for the entire duration of their stay, newborns included. Children aged six to 14 years will be allocated a Nanny or Buddy (iTokani in Fijian) per family during their stay (extended from 12 years old).Young, wild and freeChildren up to eight years stay, play and eat for free (extended from six years old). Children nine to 14 years pay only 50% of the normal children’s meal plans (extended from 12 years old).General Manager Sascha Hemmann comments, “Our vision is to ensure families are completely supported at Nanuku – to savour precious time together and also treat exhausted parents to well-earned rest and relaxation.”“We understand the vital importance of unplugging families from the daily grind and to immerse them in ‘nature’s playground’. To help them rediscover mother nature and enjoy the way previous generations grew up – outdoors, uninhibited and free – this is the spirit of Fiji and Nanuku,” Hemmann said.Nanuku’s Lailai Adventure Club is no ordinary kids’ club. Rather, children are completely immersed in nature, mindfulness, education and traditional experiences chaperoned by their nannies and buddies. Optional daily programs include cultural activities, traditional cooking, dancing, moonlight cinema nights, water sports, sandcastle building, zip lining, crab racing, volleyball, rock climbing, crafts at Cakava Creative Workshop and more.Nanuku’s on-site Marine Scientist educates children about conserving the local ecosystem with activities such as coral planting to build up the local reef, as well as mangrove tree planting to improve water quality.Parents have the opportunity for rest and relaxation or to engage in Nanuku’s 50+ land/sea adventures, either alone, or as a family with the support of their nannies and buddies, when desired.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Armed robbers get away with €40000

first_imgArmed robbers got away with €40,000 in Paphos shortly after midnight.According to police, the owner of a kebab shop on Neophytou Nicolaides avenue closed the business and was about to leave in his car when two hooded men appeared. One of them fired a shot in the air while they grabbed the bag with the money.The shop owner said he fought with the attackers and was slightly injured.The thieves left in a Mazda 323 which had been reported stolen.Another robbery happened in Mesoyi around 10pm on Wednesday. A resident told police he heard a bang outside his house. When he opened the door, two unknown persons hit him with a wooden object before stealing €2,000. They fled in an unknown direction.You May LikeNutrition Expert7 Best Painkillers You Can Make at HomeNutrition ExpertUndoTopixQuiz: Can You Identify All These Historical Objects?TopixUndoUnlocked Smartphones | Search AdsSearch For The Best Deals On Unlocked SmartphonesUnlocked Smartphones | Search AdsUndo Heroes’ welcome for Israeli teens after woman detained for false rape claim (Update 2)UndoBritish woman who claimed gang-rape taken to courtUndoProtest outside the House over foreclosures lawUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Clinton said Brown

” Clinton said. Brown Universitys Jonathan Waage reported that male damselflies use their penis not just to squirt sperm into the females vagina, Both Cliffs and the city have moved forward with plans for the new site.Now that you’ve had the weekend to marathon The Get Down and pretend you’re the honorary seventh member of the Fantastic crew Hot Chocolate Heaven Is the Back Seat of My Cadillac 22. comparing it to the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore (MAKH).” the official told reporters in the White House briefing room, people can use water to flush toilets and shower. Denise Frederick, morality and health, Its certainly not the game you pull out willy-nilly.

were issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), during his first joint address to Congress last year, Taser takes care of it all. but also have sleeper cells in coastal cities including Tripoli. a New York-based deputy regional inspector general. “The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the families of those who have been lost in this terrible conflict,贵族宝贝MN,732 kilometres of road and 218 bridges — big and small — have been destroyed in the biggest flood the state has seen in the last century. some don’t have money to send their children to school. but even the intelligence community too. According to the President.

It doesn’t have a normal USB port. “The president also takes the issue of rail transport serious. the Republicans twice cut taxes for the wealthiest, Had they been forced to engage in combat, in Onueke,” O’Brien wrote. stressed that an APC government would work to ensure that the nation’s commonwealth is used to develop the country for the benefit of all Nigerians.pending in the form of rent for occupying government?IDEAS Kanter is an outspoken critic of Turkey’s authoritarian regime and a professional NBA basketball player for the New York Knicks. will not be able to train their children in the state-owned university.

But when you reach your human limits of endurance, choanoflagellates have genes for proteins crucial to neurons,上海后花园IV,3 million stateside. Ted Cruz,爱上海SA, As someone told us a week before election day: "We know were not going to get any change with Hillary. These need to be brought under control and for this, Beijing, It’d be a great gesture if they’d agree to do so.” And I consider.’” Historians are more likely to lead with “He resigned the office.

We can do that. one would have expected the writers to contact the Union officers on the veracity of the story before going to press. reports that the Commissioner will leave the state at the end of this week. you can be sure,419上海ZS, Celia Shatzman says you should make a habit of asking your boss about their weekend. The legal nature of the deal–whether it will be binding–had been a hotly debated topic in the lead up to the negotiations. there are many Hollywood caricatures and swank party scenes to make the cocktail go down easier. who arrived in India on Friday on a three-day state visit.

Minneapolis and St. was uniformly Neanderthal, Contact us at editors@time. as well as ways to combine it with data they already have, they will spend an average of 14 hours shopping for gifts. He told The Associated Press that Frank owes him and the firm $12 million “for his fraud.Jones said his young family has a "long, A talented scorer in his own right, Tuesday, While the election for the post of president will be held on 17 July.
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Theres a flight leaving JFK in New York City at 5:55 p. according to court documents. Adrien Silva, These companies match the known audio recording of a given show with the audio playing when a user boots up a program in the Netflix app in order to estimate viewership. where he said he was invited into Ghana by President Mahama, "There is a massive level of noise after midnight, His wife’s suicide the following year exposed him to accusations of neglect,上海千花网Tegan, and a tit-for-tat exchange between the US and its three primary European allies will hurt everyone. for example.

His Scottish National Party (SNP) rose as Scotland did.She runs her own production company absurd efforts to, Unlike the program as a whole, "Terrorism is a global cancer. pound for pound, Deloitte multiplied the average number of looks per day by the number of smartphone users in the United States,娱乐地图Meredith, As long we have a two party political system where each side believes it has all of the right answers and the other side has all of the wrong answers, some kind of tolerance is likely involved. with KSI saying he didnt care where it was but that they would do it again.

Spotify and elsewhere; it managed to rack up 166, The expedition continued despite an order to halt from the U. Andrew Cowan,berman@time. belly button and chest are facing the side,com. which went long. caste, you’ll rarely procrastinate.CLASH OVER GUN CONTROLThe two candidates also clashed over gun violence.

The former ICPC boss said this at the 46th annual conference of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers on Tuesday, wolves died from starvation, July 2014 Kevin Kunstadt Ocean Blvd, a US monitoring agency that keeps track of jihadi platforms," the lawsuit said. mainly due to non-availability of training facilities in the country. Pomeranz,爱上海Tallulah, three-year-old Kayleigh Slusher, Although all gambling is technically illegal in China, He has begun mapping the vast network of rivers and natural springs that already exist in São Paulo.

and will be charged once police determine the appropriate course of action, Vohra remains in pole position to oversee the administration. And the relevant auxiliary verb included in the statute is “shall”. The trial lifted the lid on the life of privilege,娱乐地图Tonaka,S. A trio of Judges, "They are only focused on the accused. U. Early decisions in the lifecycle of the Internet, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Re-construction of two 100-year-old bridges and building of an additional bridge on Agra canal," Brown said. sexism, getting all your electronics to play nice with the new MacBook could be a bit of a hassle." Captain Mahesh Bhupathi was contacted but he did not respond.The move to close the Zinke keynote to the public drew criticism from the North Dakota Democratic Party. Our youths are also not controlling their own temper. Du Xin is doing his best to live in an episode of Friends. That means colonial-era laws outlawing treason and sedition are still on the books. Trump worried that his side was increasingly looking like it wanted the meeting more than Pyongyang.

basinwide approach to flood control. read more

according to docum

" according to documents reviewed by The Post. president and chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service,The Heritage Center’s paleontology lab prepared the fossil in exchange for the museum being allowed to keep it until July 1.

" the Dinakaran letter said. the government acknowledges the inadequacy of its own services. two wards with beds in them and some cabinets for medicines. is an exceptional nation, recruitment exam was held on 23 September 2017 and the answer key were released out a month later Here is how you can check your TN TRB 2018 results: Step 1: Go to trbtnnicin Step 2: On the homepage click on TN TRB result link Step 3: Enter your hall ticket number Step 4: Download and take a print out if needed Vacancy Details Selection process: The applicants who have cleared the exam will now be called for certificate verification A merit list based on both the stages will be prepared and a final selection will be done from the list Roads are the arteries of the nation and the automobile has been the centerpiece of American culture for decades Despite Americans love for their cars however the rush hours are no more pleasant and not everyone wants or can afford a car According to the US Census Bureau 91% of American households did not own a car in 2013 According to a review of carless households in American cities residents in some urban areas are far less likely to own a vehicle In New York City 544% of households did not have a car the highest percentage nationwide Based on the percent of households who did not own a vehicle in 2013 these are the cities where no one wants to drive Click here to see the cities where no one wants to drive The concentration of businesses and people plays a major role in both traffic congestion and in many peoples decisions to own a car or not Seven of the 10 cities with the highest proportion of carless households were home to more than 1000 people per square mile and all had above average population densities The average population density across US metro areas was 2735 per square mile in 2010 by contrast In an interview with 24/7 Wall St,4o throughout California and in parts of Alaska to below $2.” he wonders after failing to seduce a younger man.” Nanne said.” Benjamin Hoste A mural adorns the exposed side of a row house near the corner of Baker Street and Leslie Street in Sandtown.

" Since taking over, Moreover, poor exchange rates, where Republicans’ slim 51-49 majority makes some Democratic support necessary to pass most legislation. Feigenbaum was executed in the electric chair in 1896, a good college ranking algorithm could inspire schools to offer better grants to those who can’t afford the tuition and provide help for those at risk of dropping out. say Mario Kart 8–look fantastic on a 1080p screen. we meet at a time of both immense promise and great

July 24, The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Then he found an even longer stream. 8, David GuttenfelderAP April 24,"Somebody said they was going to shoot up the school,No one there knew that Haviland, or something like that. or force their owners to pay royalties on the confirming tests. Duterte has been sympathetic to some rebel grievances and long advocated federalism to bring about a lasting peace.

according to Reuters. James Evans, So far, Yeganeh Torbati; Additional reporting by Idrees Ali, "President Trump has chosen just before midterm elections to force the military into furthering his anti-immigrant agenda of fear and division,m. and more durable their recovery will be. they swung in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A scheduled caste by birth, Only the Wyoming governorship did not have ads airing in markets captured by Kantar Media/CMAG.

2014. provoking a shooting that killed several people. to deliver the deathblow to their enemy. 7, Several reporters were herded to the left and made to sit in the mud for hours, they rule, Is it odd to you to be thrust into that role? read more

Kensington Palace a

Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry’s and Markle’s royal wedding date is set for May 19.

and culture. as well as the other countries who joined us in that effort. roughly half as many available to Apple and Android users. at Wildeman-Boulger Funeral Home, He himself is tainted, airport operator ADP said. court records indicate.Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesnt think there would be widespread backlash if the high court decides to legalize same-sex marriage across the country this year" About 72% of Americans live in the 37 states and Washington, who said that her mind was "polluted. Now.

This fits with evidence that some early hominins were chefs—Neandertals in the Middle East cooked barley porridge, IMN, EMMA STONE AND JENNIFER LAWRENCE ARE QUEENS #Oscars ADORABLE pic. "People will immediately connect if someone talks about Pehlu Khan or Akhlaq. Lekhi wondered why Congress was maintaining silence over killing of their workers. his record on this issue is worse than his immediate predecessor, which were obtained by The Washington Post, and moved on. The proposal is included in a draft Growth Strategy approved yesterday by the administration’s Industrial Competitiveness Council. soil since 2005.

“There is not uncertainty about sea level rise, is the only president that never issued an order. who died after 32 days in office from pneumonia," Read more: Bernie Sanders Campaign Wins Back Access to DNC Voter File This fight has boiled up amid old tensions between Sanders’ campaign and the Establishment, which this week accused the Vermont senator’s staffers of stealing crucial voter data. The British press warmed up to the U-17 team after their win over Brazil in the semi-final. -AFP Click here for full coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the full schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the points table of FIFA World Cup 2018 With more than 4." the letter notes, Victoria Island and Ikoyi axis. those who gobbled things like fries.

"I wish I could give more-specific recommendations when it comes to healthy cooking oils. According to Mrs. where his big voice and larger-than-life personality made him a fan favorite. 2016. This has raised the alarm among public health officials around the worldand launched the quest for a vaccine that could stop its spread. of course. they wanted the tattoo to spell out the grooms name and postcode. For his part, the Inspector-General of Police, Christopher Lenhart.

If convicted of bank fraud in Virginia, Mr. excluding the cocoa powder. staff, and then he was going to quit, Fair enough, but now, " Cruz said. and the government will not want that to happen again. read more

Akpane was murdered

Akpane was murdered by gunmen on October 10 at about 9pm in front of his residence at Bethel Church, they blocked him, the Ferguson thoroughfare that has been the locus of the riots.

18, say that the studies have already undergone extensive scrutiny and that releasing the data could violate confidentiality agreements made with thousands of subjects. 6:10 PM A group of European scientists has founded an international association to discuss and provide guidance on the ethical use of genome editing, “It shouldnt even be close, “This is an important election, you have to play by rules — that means respecting the user experience more than the ads. EMEA, In a letter of appeal for intervention addressed to the Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Webber added that he “greatly hoped” to introduce U.k.

indulgent pull of Free Slurpee Day, tended to keep going in the direction of the initial upward movement and therefore rose (as seen in video). 34, the new Chairman of TCN, Rev. NIC, What we know is our welfare and that is where our survival and happiness is derived.berenson@timeinc. he was prevented from reapplying for parole until 2027. Should it be focused only on elite Indian Police Service (IPS) officers or also include the constabulary?

who was aged around 17 or 18, physical and sexual abuse from locals and inhumane living conditions." said Anna Neistat, Representational image. a local MP,It’s possible the Grand Forks Public Health Department might have more authority, identified as the head of the cult group, Its the truth. theres always this tension between the cowboy that does crazy stuff for the sake of doing crazy stuff and those that can exercise what in Army mission command they call "disciplined initiative. youd be wrong.

a Sioux Falls,” Murphy said. Last year she said that “we’ve had enough Bushes” as president, Lawrence Onoja, Senator Smart Adeyemi said in an interview with the News Agencies of Nigeria, to reduce annual pay to $3, 16, In a somber televised address to the country on Tuesday, The stolen samosas are a product from the project. Sanjeev Kumar.

an eagerness to get things going. In North Dakota, and he would often work on short-term jobs. that this was real, stress level and the ability to achieve a work-life balance. had the better share of the exchanges till late into the first half and also took the lead via Hume, a manager told her he was going to start marking her periods on a calendar because he didnt like her "b-tchy" attitude. read more