Another song and dance Moncton realtors sales video gains traction online

first_imgA New Brunswick realtor opted to think on his feet in a bid to sell a four-bedroom home near Moncton, dancing around the house to the 1980s classic “Take On Me” in a sales video that’s gaining traction on Facebook“I’ve always had creative ideas when it comes to marketing houses,” said Dylan Mahaney, 27. “I don’t think anyone in my office is surprised that I’m the one to do this.”Wearing a deadpan expression, Mahaney moves through the rooms of the house performing a dance colloquially known as “The Floss” — fists clenched, his arms swing from side to side, one in front of his body and one behind, as he sways his hips in the opposite direction.Though he has no formal training, Mahaney said he learned the dance relatively quickly, though some who are less co-ordinated may have difficulty picking it up.“It’s all in the hips,” he laughed as he described the technique. “People tend to start with the hands, but you have to start with the hips and add in the hands afterwards.”Mahaney said he got the idea from another realtor in San Diego who had made a similar video, though the dance move has been an internet meme for quite some time.“Flossing” exploded onto social media within the past year after a dancing, backpack-clad boy upstaged pop star Katy Perry during a Saturday Night Live performance of “Swish Swish” in May 2017.Mahaney said he was surprised by the attention the video garnered, after it received tens of thousands of views in a matter of days.“There are some less-than-nice comments out there, but that’s not what I’m focused on,” he said. “I’m focused on the people that are understanding it, and who are saying that not only is this a great house, but that I’ve made them feel good as well.”The success of Mahaney’s video has inspired him to continue making videos in the future, and he said that he already has two shoots planned for next week.While he already has the songs and the dance moves picked out for the planned shoots, he said he intends to up the ante for subsequent videos.“At some point, I’ll probably need to hire a choreographer,” he said.Mahaney said he has not yet received any offers for the Upper Coverdale, N.B., house — which is on the market for a cool $319,900 — though he hopes the video will get the attention of prospective house hunters.“Ultimately, my goal is to sell the house,” he said. “As silly as it is, my client will never be able to say that I didn’t try.”On the web: read more

Northern Development to assist local businesses affected by mill closures and curtailments

first_imgNorthern Development Initiative Trust CEO, Joel McKay, says this program will help to offset the impacts from mill closures.“The Trust is very aware of the potential economic impacts mill closures and curtailments may have on communities and businesses in our service region. This program seeks to help offset those impacts and sustain our communities during this difficult time.”For more information on the rebate program, you can visit Northern Development’s website. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Northern Development has announced on Monday that it will be stepping in to help local businesses affected by the mill closures and curtailments.According to Northern Development, through the Forestry Affected Business Rebate, they now are offering a consulting rebate, of up to 75 percent or $15,000, to small and medium-sized businesses in its service region for the cost of hiring a consultant to assist with business efforts.Northern Development says this newly introduced program is an offshoot of the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program, which offers rebates to businesses in the industrial supply and services sector.last_img read more

The air we breathe

first_imgMonday evening showers brought respite to the National Capital Territory which has been enduring the scorching summer heat. Mercury dipped and a cool breeze blew past the streets as millions cherished the occasional summer chill. But more than heat, the respite, though not evident, was regarding the air quality. While the statistics still portray the Air Quality Index (AQI) as poor, if not very poor, rains definitely settled the dust which only adds to the problem. AQI has been specifically poor during winters with Delhi experiencing a blanket of smog and health complications in locals. Graded Response Action Plan was constituted to tackle alarming levels of AQI but the city required a cure anyway. Preemptive measures will yield tremendously but less has been done regarding those. While worsening AQI was largely restricted to winters, spiked AQI in summer is a cause of worry. AQI on Monday was “very poor”, aggravated by westerly winds bringing dust from neighbouring states, stubble burning in parts of Punjab and Haryana, and forest fires in Uttarakhand. The debate regarding meandering levels of AQI, though between poor and very poor and not average or good, has done its rounds with National Green Tribunal and neighbouring states over their unintended contribution into Delhi’s air pollution. Authorities have taken up the issue several times and activists have mentioned how stubble burning and westerly winds are a cause of trouble bringing in dust and smoke in the NCR atmosphere. However, vehicular emission has still not been adequately addressed though it remains to be one of the top air polluters. Even if we put the mark at one crore vehicles, which is an understated figure, the emissions from one crore vehicles are finding its way into the atmosphere, making us breathe poor air while we tend to other imminent events – elections. Also Read – A strong standpointGeneral elections have definitely swung the mood of the nation which has 14 of its cities in the list of top 15 most-polluted cities in the world as per a UN survey released in 2018 which also states that Air pollution contributes to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths each year in India. People do actually die of complications caused due to PM 2.5 particles which enter the respiratory system. It is not a fluke. But it has not been able to reverberate as an alarming issue across masses simply because minimal awareness has not let it. Discourses on nationalism have been more prevalent than Air Quality and that alone shows the mood of the nation. It is because of additional emphasis paid on the entire national security issue since Balakot Air Strike that environment, though present in manifestos of political parties, could not be as vehemently discussed as nationalism and national security were. And, that, is just pitiful. It makes us sad humans with narrow mindsets and depleted humility. It is often said that people’s thoughts reverberate across the corners of the nation which are often steered by politicos who run the government on our behalf. They utter what matters to us. And, if they have been uttering a lot of nationalism and national security, then that is only because it matters to us. Only a fool would incessantly speak of an agenda which anyone seldom supports. How, then, can we blame our politicians or leaders for lack of environmental concern when we ourselves are less concerned about the same. Today we have the liberty to discuss air pollution with ease since it has not wreaked havoc yet. Human tendency, somehow, has always been to ignore unless forced to walk the precarious line. Rubbishing reports of deaths due to air pollution is only in line with that mindset as was done by the Union environment minister Harsh Vardhan who argued that “No death certificate has a cause of death as pollution” despite the Lancet Commission’s report on Pollution and Health which said that 25 lakh Indians died from pollution-linked ailments in 2015, the highest in any country. Also Read – Development misconstruedWe protest whenever we see the water going above the head. And, why not since protests are very much part of a healthy democracy. Be it for reservations, justice, government support, corruption, et al, the agenda has been clear that masses are capable of influencing government machinery. Why not then have masses reached a consensus to protest regarding the failed attempts in tackling the rising air pollution? It is because worsening AQI has not yet impacted the masses. Public Interest Litigations (PILs) have surely made it to the apex court over environmental concerns but even those have failed to garner grand attention towards this perpetual, and now a perennial problem. IIT Delhi has put in concerted efforts through The Centre of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA), stressing on the need of data gathering, raising awareness and role of democracy and law to resolve the issues related to air quality. AAP government’s odd-even rule for regulating vehicular traffic in the city was also a novel idea towards controlling and curbing air pollution but residents still lie in wait of another run, which, in fact, should be made a norm for NCR. Pollution is not just a local problem but a global one and cities across the globe have initiated measures and undertaken activities to curb it. London’s congestion charge levied on drivers entering the city centre, has been around since 2003. Madrid’s selective entry to city areas for cars apart from environmental labels on cars is a method to check the polluting cars and deal appropriately. Paris’s norm to make public transport free of cost during peak periods, encouraging people to use public transport and leave their cars at home is a good incentive to bring down vehicular emissions. But classic Indian argument would be whether Delhi can emulate these cities owing to its own logistical challenges amidst a humongous populace. Well, efforts in this direction will yield answers and all we need to do is urge the authorities to act. Waiting for them to wake up might cost us. The city evidently chokes with vehicular emissions. And, with raised metro fares are not helping. A person traversing from the metro and paying 100 rupees might as well take out his bike or car and utilise 100 rupees in petrol. Convenience is always attractive. And, not to forget that it is the convenience of travelling, of slow impact on health through air pollution, of waiting for authorities to do something about pollution and of not being directly responsiblefor the rising pollution that has spiked the average AQI to “very poor” quality in the first palace. When UN adamantly advocates for SDGs and environmental activists speak up on environmental degradation, only then it is brought to our notice that our environment is suffering. A budget for the environment would have been a remarkable way to showcase one’s concern for the same but Kisan budget suited the current appetite more this election season. Promises are aplenty but none speak of an issue whose proximity covers every living thing. Maybe someday, some election will see the pollution concerns and bring it up strongly in their manifestos and promises. And, maybe then, some concrete action will be taken to repair what could have been prevented long ago i.e., today!last_img read more

Standard and Poors Affirms Moroccos BBB Rating

Rabat – Standard and Poor’s Ratings confirmed Morocco’s credit rating BBB-/A-3 last Friday due to forecasted improvements in the kingdom’s external and fiscal deficits, according to a new report by Reuters.The agency said its outlook for the economy looked “stable” as the net-energy importer continues to benefit from two years of low oil prices – unlike its fellow North African petrostates.S&P also said it was optimistic that public finance reforms would proceed and that current account deficits would see sizeable reductions. The biggest point of concern remained the economy’s vulnerability to volatilities in the agricultural sector, which employs nearly 40 percent of the Moroccan workforce.Last month, Moody’s released a report that stated it expected Morocco’s banks to remain profitable due to stable funding and the country’s “sound” economy, despite the high credit risk they face.“Nonperforming loans (NPLs) for Moroccan banks have increased to 7.7% of gross loans as of Q1 2016, but we expect them to stabilize,” says Olivier Panis, a Vice President and Senior Credit Officer at Moody’s. “Retail sector NPLs have already stabilized at around 8.1% as of Q1 2016 and reducing share of doubtful and watch list loans points to a slowing trend in NPL formation.”Cheap sources of fuel, as well as a growing reserve of hard currency, a rise in foreign direct investment, and a marked increase in remittances, have prevented the national budget from tanking in 2016, despite troubles in the agricultural sector in the first half of the year.In April, weak agricultural output caused by the absence of rainfall led S&P to halve its expectations for economic growth in Morocco for 2016 from 4.5 percent to less than two percent. read more

Afghanistan UN agency seeks 255 million to fund alternatives to poppy crops

The five-year initiative will finance agricultural development projects in four main poppy producing provinces – Badakhshan, Helmand, Kandahar and Nangarhar – targeting some 1.5 million people. “Rural poverty and the lack of income are the main reasons why farmers produce opium,” said Angelika Schückler of the FAO Agricultural Management, Marketing and Finance Service. “The project aims to rehabilitate agricultural infrastructure in some of the main poppy producing areas and to boost horticulture, livestock and cash crop production in order to create alternative livelihoods for small farmers, landless workers and vulnerable groups.” While cutting the production of poppy, the project will bring environmental and economic benefits to war-ravaged Afghanistan by restoring tree nurseries, building small irrigation dams and improving animal health services.Afghanistan is the world’s largest opium producer, providing almost three-quarters of global opium production. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), poppy production amounted to 3,600 tonnes last year. Around 1.7 million Afghans are directly involved in the process. With an average price for raw opium now at $283 per kilogrammes, poppy cultivation is much more profitable for farmers than the production of other commodities. In 2003, poppy cultivation generated a gross income of around $1 billion – around $3,900 per opium-growing family. “Opium production offers immediate and stable incomes in an environment which is often very hostile to agricultural production,” Ms. Schückler said. “Only if poppy production is seriously cut back through strong law enforcement and if the overall production environment improves significantly will farmers finally switch to alternative crops.” read more

Dieye UN veteran appointed senior development programme official on Africa

Mr. Dieye will take over as Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa at UNDP, replacing Tegegnework Gettu, who has taken up his new appointment as Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management. A veteran of UNDP, Mr. Dieye most recently held the post of Chief of Staff and Director of its Executive Office. He also oversaw UNDP’s programme portfolios in Northern Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Countries within the Regional Bureau for Arab States.In addition, Mr. Dieye has held various leadership positions within the UN system, including as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General with the UN Operations in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI). While in Senegal, Mr. Dieye held a series of senior level positions including in his country’s Ministry of Planning and Cooperation. Among Mr. Dieye’s new responsibilities, he will oversee UNDP’s programmes in support of the eight anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). read more

Syrian refugee crisis forum Wednesday

Are you interested in finding out more about the Syrian refugee crisis? Do you want to learn about ways you can help?An open forum about the refugee crisis – initiated by Student Life and Community Experience, Brock International Services and MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies – will be held Wednesday, Oct. 21 at Brock University in room TH258 from 5-7 p.m.                      “The aim is to bring people together who are interested in mobilizing resources across Niagara Region for social, political and economic aspects of the refugee crisis.,” said Associate Professor in the Department of Geography Ebru Ustundag, who is also with the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies.“We are interested in community-led initiative.  We’re really interested in getting students involved.”Associate Professor of Sociology Mary-Beth Raddon said the event is for anyone in the community concerned about the humanitarian crisis arising from the military conflict in Syria.“This forum provides a chance to come together and talk about what we can do here at Brock,” she said. “Universities across Canada are beginning to address the refugee crisis through education and coordinated responses.”Brock is supporting the Student Refugee Program of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), which has issued a call to action for support with a focus on getting Syrian student refugees into Canada. Fore more information click here.The Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre has set up a strategy to try and help, including setting up a refugee assistance fund. For more information click here. “We at Brock have much to offer, such as sponsorship of student refugees, settlement support, contributing to community initiatives and advocating for political solutions to armed conflict and forced migration,” Raddon said.She said the goal of the forum is to learn from each other, share ideas, coordinate activities and develop next steps.Ustundag said the Syrian civil war has been going on for four years, even though it has only recently started making headlines in Canada.“It’s a global humanitarian crisis that forced an estimated nine million refugees to flee their homes over the last four years,” she said.More information on Refugees Welcome initiatives in Canada and St. Catharines can be found at: For more information on the forum, email Ustundag at read more

Your Nexus 7 can record 720p video

first_imgWhile it’s a bit stunning that Google and Asus didn’t see fit to include a rear-facing camera or the capability to record HD video with the Nexus 7, it turns out you can capture 720p video on the tablet. With a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and a Tegra 3 processor, the Nexus 7 Best Price at Amazon tablet has the hardware muscle to let you capture high-quality video content but lacks the code to enable it in the OS. This is a situation that is easily fixed, according to a XDA developer out of New Zealand named hillbeast.The process requires a rooted Nexus 7 and a working knowledge of how to edit files on your device (not a hard task, but make sure to understand the process if you’re new to the Android ecosystem). It’s really as simple as cutting and pasting a few lines of code to tell the OS to take full advantage of the hardware that is present in the device. You can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to edit and push the file needed, or you can use an app like root explorer that is available for purchase and download in the Google Play store.Once you have completed the modification process, the front-facing camera in your Nexus 7 will be able to capture HD video with no issues. Having tested this myself quickly with my personal device, there is indeed a noticeable difference between the original video captured and the updated HD version. Posted below is a sample video from the XDA thread.Read more at XDA Developers, via Gigaomlast_img read more

Police and fire chiefs dismissed following Attica fires

first_imgΗ γενναιότητα ενός στρατηγού δεν μετριέται μόνο την ώρα της μάχης αλλά και την ώρα του απολογισμού. Ευχαριστώ θερμά τον Νίκο Τόσκα για την εντιμότητα και την αφοσίωση που επέδειξε κατά την εκτέλεση των καθηκόντων που του ανέθεσα.— Prime Minister GR (@PrimeministerGR) August 3, 2018Mr Toskas’ duties have since been assigned to Interior Minister, Panos Skourletis.Meanwhile on Sunday the government announced authorities would commence demolition in the coming week on dozens of illegal structures and fences in the region where the fires took place, which officials have since deduced were a significant factor resulting in the high number of causalities.In addition to the high death toll, 36 people remain in hospital with six of them in critical condition. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The heads of Greece’s national police and fire services have been dismissed and replaced following the wildfires that broke out east of Athens on 23 July that resulted in 91 deaths.The decision was officially announced by the Greek government on Sunday.The now former chief of Hellenic Police, Constantine Tsouvalas had been in the position since February 2016, while former head of the Hellenic Fire Service Sotiris Terzoudis was in the post for around five months.Their dismissal came a day after the resignation of the country’s Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas.Mr Toskas succumbed to public pressure to leave his post after continually defending authorities’ response to the emergency while under his supervision.However the absence of an official evacuation effort for locals in Mati did not go unnoticed by critics in the aftermath of the tragedy. As a result, police allegedly allowed traffic diversions which saw motorists driving directly into the burning area.Mr Toskas formally resigned from his post in a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.The PM took to Twitter to thank the former Minister for having the courage to make the move.“I warmly thank Nikos Toskas for the honesty and dedication he displayed during the discharge of his duties,” Mr Tsipras Tweeted.last_img read more

Pippa Middleton marries at almostroyal event

first_imgENGLEFIELD, England — Pippa Middleton, radiant in a custom-made wedding gown, married a wealthy financier Saturday as two likely future British kings and other members of the royal family, including her sister, looked on.In what was seen by many as the society wedding of the year, Middleton and hedge fund manager James Matthews said their vows in a ceremony at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, west of London. Before the wedding, a crowd of well-wishers and reporters gathered outside the church grounds, hoping for a glimpse.The wedding party included Prince George, a 3-year-old page boy, and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte, a bridesmaid. Both are the children of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa’s sister.Prince William and Prince Harry arrived together wearing formal morning suits. They seemed relaxed as they strolled into the church — perhaps relieved they didn’t have a role to play in the wedding party.Matthews, 41, smiled broadly and sported elegant formal wear set off by a blue vest.Middleton, 33, came to the church accompanied by her father Michael in a vintage Jaguar convertible. She wore a custom wedding gown designed by Giles Deacon, a long veil by prominent hat-maker Stephen Jones, and a sparkly tiara.last_img read more

Evergreen schools name new leaders

first_imgJohn Steach joined Evergreen Public Schools in 2014. Evergreen Public Schools announced administrative changes at the district office and several school campuses.As previously reported, Deputy Superintendent John Steach will replace retiring Superintendent John Deeder. Steach will assume his new job on Aug. 1.The deputy superintendent will be replaced by a new position, the chief academic accountability officer, blending the district’s assessment department with district and school and improvement planning. Coeur d’Alene School District Superintendent Matthew Handelman will move from Idaho to take the position. He has been a teacher, principal and administrator in the Edmonds, Seattle and Spokane School Districts.Burton Elementary School Principal Bonnie Webberly will retire and be replaced by Rebecca Chase, principal in the David Douglas School District in Oregon. Chase worked as a teacher and instructional coach at Sifton Elementary School in the Evergreen district for 12 years.Janet Locascio, the district’s Early Childhood Special Services Coordinator, will oversee Home Choice Academy in addition to her current duties. She will replace Karen Weintraub, who is retiring.Tilley Meyers, currently the associate principal at Pacific Middle School, will move to the same position at Shahala Middle School. Amanda MacDonald will move into the position after completing an administrative internship this year.The district will add full-time associate principals at larger elementary schools rather than half-time associate principals splitting two schools. Lisa Angeley will be full-time at Image Elementary School instead of splitting time between Image and Sunset Elementary School. Tami Oppliger will go full-time at Endeavour Elementary School instead of splitting time between there and Crestline Elementary School. Mischel Dally will be at Pioneer Elementary School full-time instead of splitting time between that school and Sifton Elementary School. Melissa Yeomans will add Sunset Elementary School to her associate principal job while serving in the same capacity at Mill Plain Elementary School. Nick Hanson, currently an associate principal with Vancouver Public Schools, will serve as associate principal at Crestline and Sifton.last_img read more

Camas woman in court in fatal crash

first_imgA Camas woman was allegedly driving under the influence of pain medication when she crashed into two vehicles on state Highway 500 in August, killing a 68-year-old Vancouver woman.Pamala S. Alexander, 54, appeared Tuesday in Clark County Superior Court on a summons for vehicular homicide while driving under the influence and DUI, court records show.Vancouver’s Jonna Porteous suffered life-threatening injuries in the collision, which involved four vehicles, and was pronounced dead upon arrival at an area hospital. The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Porteous died of multiple blunt force trauma, according to an affidavit of probable cause.At about 9:25 a.m. Aug. 1, Alexander was driving a 2004 Cadillac Escalade west on Highway 500 near Milepost 9, about a mile east of the Vancouver city limits. Her vehicle went over the center line near Northeast 182nd Avenue and hit an eastbound Ford F-250 pickup driven by Maria Zepeda Chaparro, 38, of Vancouver, the affidavit said.The Ford spun counterclockwise into the westbound lane and was struck by a Volkswagen Jetta driven by Eric M. Mazemke, 44, of Washougal. Both vehicles came to rest in the westbound ditch, court records state.last_img read more

Minimum Wage to go up in Six Weeks in TCI

first_img Editorial: Listen to your Mama Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 20 Feb 2015 – It should be good news for the hourly wage earners across the country as government has decided on an implementation date for a minimum wage increase and the wait is almost over. A 25% jump in minimum wage was one of the big announcements coming out of Cabinet yesterday. The governor has been advised to issue an order to shift hourly earnings from a flat $5 per hour to $6.25 cents an hour. This move will take effect in about six weeks when the new fiscal year begins for TCIG. The official start date for employers to adjust from paying the $5 per hour to the $6.25 per hour begins April 1st, 2015. It had been argued by the PNP Administration that a hike in wages could lead to an increase in cost of living. Related Items:Minimum wage, pnp, TCIG Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Seriously, Sixth Form registration begins at Clement Howell High Aug 15 TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memeslast_img read more

ASA Supports Doud Nomination as Chief Agricultural Negotiator

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) supports President Donald Trump’s nomination of Gregg Doud, president of the Commodity Markets Council, to be the chief agricultural negotiator under the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).“Doud is a farm policy veteran with a wealth of experience and a solid understanding of the vital role trade plays in the U.S. agriculture economy,” ASA Vice President John Heisdorffer said.Doud’s background includes experience as senior aide to the Senate Agriculture Committee, chief economist for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, and international trade analyst for ASA.ASA also urged prompt confirmation as the USTR plays a central role in developing U.S. international trade policy and leading trade negotiations.“With the upcoming renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, we hope both the Administration and Congress will do their parts to quickly advance and confirm Doud’s nomination,” Heisdorffer said. “Now is the time to fill positions with qualified individuals who understand the importance of trade to further enhance economic growth and job creation here at home.”last_img read more

Centuriesold Christian Iraqi town under fire

first_imgBAKHDIDA, Iraq — In the center of this hardscrabble Christian town there’s a 12th-century church where visitors can peer into an underground passageway that once allowed the faithful to hide from Muslim marauders.The tunnels below have since crumbled, but the threat still looms on northern Iraq’s surrounding plains.When advancing Islamic State militants launched mortar attacks in late June, nearly all of Bakhdida’s 50,000 residents fled overland to Irbil, the capital of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan, for protection. Were it not for Kurdish pesh merga forces that swept in to beat back the onslaught, this historic Christian enclave, known to locals as Qaraqosh, would be deserted.In recent days, most people have come back to their homes. But dire water and fuel shortages, electrical blackouts and a lack of work are strangling returnees who must also grapple with the mental strain of living within firing range of al-Qaida-inspired Sunni jihadists.With Iraq at risk of fracturing along sectarian fault lines, local leaders fear the loss of one of the world’s oldest Christian communities and its heritage as more and more residents move to Kurdish cities and neighboring countries. On Friday, the exodus was accelerated when the Islamic State decreed that Christian holdouts in the city of Mosul must convert to Islam or pay a special tax — with death as a “last resort.”“Bags are packed; people are leaving for good because it’s almost impossible to live here right now,” said Louis Marcus Ayub, 54, a Syrian Catholic member of the Bakhdida city council. “If there is no political solution, we’re in danger of disappearing.”last_img read more

Coheed And Cambria Ink Deal With Roadrunner Tease New Album

first_img Email The acclaimed progressive rock band sign a new record deal and hint at a return to their sci-fi concept album rootsBrian HaackGRAMMYs Apr 4, 2018 – 12:09 pm High-concept progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria announced on April 4 that they have officially signed with Roadrunner Records in advance of their upcoming headlining U.S. summer tour alongside pop-punk giants Taking Back Sunday, with Story So Far in tow in support.Along with an inscrutable video titled “Call Your Mother” released thought Roadrunner’s official YouTube channel,  Coheed and Cambria have also confirmed via Alternative Press that they will have a new, as-yet untitled album out before the end of 2018.  The new release will be their ninth studio LP.The band’s most recent album, 2015’s The Color Before The Sun, was also the first in their catalogue not to conceptually center on the sci-fi/fantasy realm of the eponymous characters Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon, protagonists of an extended storyline detailed in The Amory Wars, a graphic novel written and published by vocalist/lead singer Claudio Sanchez. All of Coheed and Cambria’s first seven releases were concept albums set in the Amory Wars universe, while The Color Before The Sun took a more autobiographical approach to recent events in Sanchez’s personal life.The video tease Coheed and Cambria released along with today’s announcement features a quiet monologue read over a smoky montage of an armored mask being forged and decorated, apparently for battle. “Know there is no time/ Space, between the Well and Unknowing/ our story starts there/ well within our future, yet far beyond our past/ In a romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures,” the wizened voice growls over spacey, crackling static, as the camera pans to reveal the words “Call Your Mother” painted across the face of the war mask.Now, later chapters of Sanchez’s Amory Wars comic book cycle shift their narrative focus from Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon to their son, the messianic prince Claudio Kilgannon – might this mean that the band’s forthcoming album will take listeners back into the galactic realms of Heaven’s Fence, the Keywork, and the roots of Claudio’s battle against Wilhelm Ryan, the evil Archmage? Time will tell.Coheed and Cambria’s U.S. summer tour with Taking Back Sunday and Story So Far will kick off on July 7 at Miami’s Bayfront Park Amphitheater, and run through Aug. 8, where it will wrap up in Phoenix, Ariz., at Comerica Theater. Tickets to some shows are still available.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Coheed And Cambria Return With New Deal, 9th Album coheed-and-cambria-ink-deal-roadrunner-tease-new-album Facebook Twitter Coheed And Cambria Ink Deal With Roadrunner, Tease New Album News last_img read more

Sen Marco Rubio is latest lawmaker to propose federal privacy law

first_img Tags Share your voice Post a comment 0 Mark Zuckerberg addresses Data Privacy at Facebook’s annual developer event in 2018. James Martin/CNET US lawmakers are pondering the best way to regulate consumer privacy, and they’ve put forward several bills in the past few months. Now Sen. Marco Rubio is adding his to the list. Rubio, a Republican from Florida, introduced on Wednesday the American Data Dissemination Act (PDF), saying in a press release that it would protect consumers while allowing businesses to innovate. What’s more, the bill “will protect small businesses and startups while ensuring that consumers are provided with overdue rights and protections,” Rubio said in a statement.The bill follows one introduced in December by a group of 15 Democratic senators that has tech industry support, and another drafted by Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, in November. That one would penalize CEOs with jail time for lying in transparency reports required by the bill. In September, Rep. Suzan DelBene introduced a privacy bill to the US House of Representatives. Silicon Valley companies have been asking for federal privacy legislation since June, when California passed the country’s strictest data privacy law. With the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in May, the industry is already adjusting to tighter controls on how it uses consumer data.Rubio’s bill would put it up to the US Federal Trade Commission to draft privacy regulations that would then be approved by Congress. The regulations would be based on guidelines established in the Privacy Act of 1974.In an op-ed published Wednesday in The Hill, Rubio said the legislation was necessary in light of the tech industry’s vast power over our personal data, and that the patchwork of state laws in effect today is inadequate. That’s made clear by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other incidents where consumer data was mishandled, he said.”Tech industry leaders should encourage responsible legislation that provides clear rules for companies to operate under and prevents future scandals,” Rubio said.Cambridge Analytica: Everything you need to know about Facebook’s data mining scandal.The Honeymoon Is Over: Everything you need to know about why tech is under Washington’s microscope. Tech Industry Security Privacylast_img read more

How a Finance Management Consultant Joseph Yomtoubian created some of the most

first_imgJoseph YomtoubianPR HandoutOn the outside, Joseph Yomtoubian seems like any average Joe. Grew up in Los Angeles, received his MBA and consults for large company’s finance department. What may surprise you is that he started and runs some of the largest meme pages on Instagram. Which ones you may ask? He does not like to reveal all of them, but they have over 8 million followers with a large celebrity and cult following. The ones he is willing to disclose are @TheTinderBlog @Laughing.Chicks @TheBasicDrunk and @MemesbyJoeJoseph began his journey into creating his first meme page @TheTinderBlog about 4 years ago while he was at the gym with a friend. Joseph disclosed some of his dating stories and the friend recommend that Joseph create a page to share some of his dating conversations/stories that went awry. Shortly after creating the page, Joseph ran out of material which is when he decided to pivot from a dating page, to a meme page.A few months after converting to a meme page, @TheTinderBloghad grown to over a thousand followers and had its “big break” when @Elitedaily shared one of his memes which drew attention to this page. After growing to a few thousand followers, Joseph came close to not posting anymore and shutting the page down; he didn’t feel fulfilled and the page was barely growing. However, he received a message from a follower who stated “I am in Medical School and some days, I come home crying, but your page posts some of the most extra stuff and makes my day better.” That one message is the reason he decided to continue with the page. Overtime, the @TheTinderblog grew and has amassed cult following and is on track to exceed 2 Million followers this summer and is now organically growing 150,000 followers per month.Why create other pages along the way? “Diversify, it’s the first thing we learned in finance. Your page can be shutdown at any point and then what? You are back to square one, this way, I have a few backup plans.”It is important to note that while he does not disclose his identity on any of the pages, his personal page @IamJoyo has amassed a sizeable following with minimal posts. When asked about this he laughed and says “hashtag and locations hacks make a difference”.last_img read more

DLF begins process of rental arm stake sale to PE investors

first_imgReal estate developer DLF Ltd has started the process of selling 40 percent stake in its rental arm to private equity investors. The value of the deal is estimated to be between Rs. 12,000 crore and Rs. 14,000 crore, reports Press Trust of India, citing sources.DLF will continue to hold 60 percent stake in DLF Cyber City Developers Ltd (DCCDL). The subsidiary generates annual income of Rs. 2,250 crore from about 20 million square feet. DCCDL has an additional 20 million sq ft with the potential to be developed for commercial purposes, added PTI. Global investors keen to acquire the stake include Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Brookfield, Blackstone, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Qatar Investment Authority. “Potential buyers will now submit expression of interest, indicating how much of the 40 percent stake they would want to buy. The process will move forward eventually towards a real-estate investment trust structure,” DLF CEO Rajeev Talwar was quoted as saying by Mint.Two months ago, DLF’s Executive Director Finance Saurabh Chawla had said he expected the deal to be completed by July 2016. The company has appointed Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan as bankers for the deal. It has also hired PricewaterhouseCoopers as tax consultant, PTI said. The DLF stock was trading at Rs. 121.50 at around 10:55 a.m. Monday, up 2.62 percent from its previous close.DLF posted a consolidated net profit of Rs. 163.95 crore for the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2015, as against Rs. 131.79 crore during the corresponding quarter in the previous fiscal. Total Income rose from Rs. 2,079.82 crore to Rs. 2,980.73 crore, according to the company’s regulatory filing with the BSE.[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]last_img read more

Land ministers son granted bail in vandalism case

first_imgSirhan Sharif TamalLand minister Shamsur Rahman Sherif’s son and Pabna’s Ishwardi upazila Juba League president’s son Sirhan Sharif Tamal and 11 others on Tuesday obtained bail in a case filed for vandalism and looting.Awami Juba League is the youth front of ruling Bangladesh Awami League.The judge of Pabna’s additional chief judicial cognisance court, Rezaul Karim, passed the order.Pabna court police inspector Shamsul Islam and the investigation officer of the case police inspector Abdul Majid confirmed the news to Prothom Alo.Police on May 19 arrested land minister Shamsur Rahman Sherif’s son Sirhan Sharif Tamal and 11 others in a case filed for vandalism.Further reading:Land minister’s son arrested in Pabnalast_img