Pranav Pandyas resignation from Rajya Sabha accepted

first_imgNew Delhi, May 13 (PTI) Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari today said he has accepted the resignation of Pranav Pandya who was nominated to the Upper House by the President.Pandya, the head of All World Gayatri Parivar, was nominated to Rajya Sabha on May 4 but he turned it down.When the House met for the day, Ansari said he had on May 9 received a letter from Pandya in this regard.”I have accepted his resignation with effect from May 11, 2016,” he said.Pandya had turned down the Rajya Sabha nomination saying he believed he can serve and impact people and politics better by staying away from the Upper House. PTI ANZ RTlast_img

Fashion designer to restaurateur: Super dads who will give you super fitness goals

first_img”My daddy strongest” is something every little girl believes. Stereotype states that fathers don’t really crib or complain about their health. This Father’s Day, we speak to some of the fittest dads, who spill the beans on how they stay healthy despite the pressures of work and, of course, age.Renowned fashion designer Nikhil Mehra of Shantanu and Nikhil, is 42 and father to 10-year-old twins – Vivhan and Ninya. The year 2017 has seen this meat-loving dad turn vegetarian, quit smoking and practise some complex asanas. “Being a dad teaches you a lot. Today, I call home 10-15 times to see if the kids are doing what they’re supposed to. Earlier, I wouldn’t have been bothered about my health. But, I don’t want to be a lazy dad. I want to be fit so that I can hang out with my kids and don’t respond to their pleas to play with ‘not right now beta’,” he says. Eight months ago he picked up Iyengar Yoga – which uses a lot of props like rope, bricks or chairs, and is unlike Hatha Yoga wherein you are in one position for a while – which is now a part of his mornings thrice a week. The former cricket captain of his school also indulges in tennis four times a week and makes it a point to meditate for 15 minutes every morning.The father of two says that he felt that his body wasn’t working at its optimum level, which, he opines, happens when there’s a higher intake of non-vegetarian food because one needs to expel that energy which wasn’t happening, resulting in poor sleep. “80 per cent of your workout is your food. Also, the type of yoga I’m doing changes your body. So, two months in and I realised that I need more fluids and quit eating meat. But, every now and then when I crave keema, I eat it. I’ll eat meat when I need it.”advertisement He has also quit drinking coffee, smoking, and avoids consuming wheat because it doesn’t suit him and makes him feel heavy, along with maida, which slows him down. “I’ve lived abroad so I know what packaged and processed food can do to you. You get moody if you don’t have your coffee or your coke zero!” he adds.While his son looks like him, he behaves like Vidushi, Nikhil’s wife, the designer says, adding that his daughter looks exactly his wife and acts just like him. “Ninya and I do a lot of masti, while Vivhan’s dance moves and wit is similar to mine. The kids are the best thing that’s happened to me. When you become a father, that’s the completion of being a man. You see the beauty in the instances when your kids do things which remind you of yourself. They’re like a mirror image of you!” says the adventure-loving father, who just went on a riding trip to Leh. “I take them out on my bike often,” he says. They recently went for a trek to Himachal Pradesh, where they learnt how to fish, walked around into caves, ate off the ground, and played with stray hill dogs. “We love the trampoline because the little kid in you comes out when you are four feet above the ground! So, wherever we find a trampoline, we go and jump around,” he adds. Restaurateur Vikrant Batra is another cool dad in the city, who makes it a point to stay healthy, even though his work entails tons of food tastings and parties. Father to 17-year-old Samay and 15-year-old Shirin, he is very focused on his fitness regime – functional training in the gym for an hour thrice a week and playing golf twice a week. But it’s his diet which does most of the work – drinking five litres of water every day, a diet which includes chia seeds, flax seeds, probiotic curd and milk, figs, seasonal fruit, a meal comprising salmon and vegetables thrice a week and boiled chicken once a week, and the fact that he doesn’t miss any meals.”I wake up and have cinnamon water, followed by Arjun ki chaal water,” the 42-year-old says.HIS pre-workout snack comprises almonds and walnuts. Breakfast is usually a chilled banana, fresh fruit smoothie, oats/eggs/poha/ chila/mueselli with milk/idli. He also drinks nariyal paani before lunch – one roti, green vegetables/khichdi/whole wheat pasta – followed by an apple two hours hence, and buttermilk and green tea, both in two-hour gaps. Dinner is a nocarb affair with vegetable or miso soup. “Sunday is cheat day, and comprises rajma chawal for lunch!”advertisementWhat’s his mantra for dealing with the chaos caused by tastings at new restaurants? “I don’t eat apart from during the tasting. Dinner is always a salt-free affair,” Vikrant says. And how does he handle his parties? “I always eat salad or soup before I head. I also restrict myself to 150-200ml of whisky a week,” he confesses.And as far as de-stressing is concerned, he says golf is his refuge. “I played cricket growing up. I switched to golf sometime back,” he adds. Cricket also forms the bonding grounds between Vikrant and his son. The two usually go for a run or play cricket, while Vikrant and his daughter do the rounds of the latest art exhibitions in town or go out for lunch. “In today’s age, when everyone is so busy, it’s a blessing to be able to spend time with your kids. At the age they’re at, they’re more like friends. We have a lot to share, they have endless stories and I even get to know about the latest trends in the industry through them,” he concludes. When you’re into motor sports, then being fit becomes second nature. Racer Arjun Bala is the father of two – 10-year-old Amba and 5-year-old Ishwar – and cannot emphasise more on the importance of regular physical activity. The 42-year-old, who has been racing and rallying for 20 years now, say that his career choice demands physical fitness. “At higher levels, racing is a good for strength training and cardio. It’s important to stay fit so that your body doesn’t ache while driving, which in turn aids concentration whilst driving.” He goes to the gym four days a week and cycles often, a hobby that also helps him spend time with his kids. “I used to play tennis growing up, but couldn’t continue due to health reasons. So, I switched to cycling. The Nilgiri hills and the Western Ghats near Coimbatore make for brilliant cycling spots. The kids and I usually head there during the holidays and go biking.”The racer tried out some yoga when he first picked up the sport, but now he finds racing therapeutic and de-stressing. And diet has never been a problem for Arjun. “A decent bike ride burns about 1,500 to 3,000 calories, so it balances out. The only thing I do is consume a protein shake after a strenuous workout,” he says.Also Read: 7 things your dad deserves to hear more than your boyfriend/girlfriendPapa’s fitness mantraNikhil Mehra has some strict rules for his kids when it comes to junk food. “Because we’re aware of what we eat, we can tell the kids what to eat and how much. So, they can’t eat any chips – they don’t know what chips are or coke. Whatever sweets they want to eat has to be homemade. They can have icecream once in a while, and whatever pastries or barfi they want to eat has to be freshly baked or cooked. We try and stay as close to home-made goods.”advertisementVikrant Batra says his kids have now reached the age where they are conscious of their fitness now that they’re in their teens. “My son is an athlete and wants to take it up professionally. He’s very particular about his diet. My daughter doesn’t work out much, but does yoga sometimes. She avoids eating junk food now.”Arjun Bala, however, believe that all kids should play outdoors for at least an hour. “I always ask my kids to go outside and play whatever sport they want – badminton, tennis, etc, -after they come back from school at 4.30pm. That’s how I grew up and even I play with them when I can. My son is inclined towards athletics, while my daughter plays badminton.” But it seems this sports frenzy runs in the family, as Arjun’s mother, who is 70-years-old goes to an indoor studio to cycle and also plays golf.last_img read more

Antonio Conte drives Chelsea, sensing rivals will make it harder

first_imgChelsea manager Antonio Conte is putting his players through a rigorous pre-season training campaign as the English champions sense rivals will now only be more committed to toppling them.”Obviously, as we are champions of the Premier League, every team we face will want to beat us more than before,” Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta told reporters in Singapore on Monday. “So we know it’s going to be harder.”Which is why Conte is determined to ensure they hit the ground running in defence of their title.After their 2015 triumph, Chelsea made a woeful start to the following season, with manager Jose Mourinho losing his job before the side stuttered to a 10th-place finish.Conte took over prior to last season and after guiding the side to the title in his maiden campaign, the Italian is determined to ensure his squad is in the best possible shape ahead of their season-opener against Burnley on August 12.”We have to work really hard and prepare in the right way for next season,” Conte said in Singapore, where Chelsea are involved in a three-team friendly tournament.”Being back in the Champions League is great for us and right for the club,” he added on the eve of a match against German champions Bayern Munich.”The players are all enthusiastic to be in this tournament. It is an extra competition compared to last season but we are working really hard to prepare the team in the right way and find a good fit as soon as possible.advertisement”We will make sure we are fully committed to all competitions next season.”Conte is happy to have new signing Alvaro Morata in Singapore after the Spanish striker joined Chelsea from Real Madrid last week, and believes the 24-year-old will be a success in England.”He is a young player with a lot of experience. He can make a big impact in the Premier League. Yes, it is a different type of football compared to where he has played previously, but he is strong and ready for the challenge,” Conte said.Morata’s fellow Spanish striker Pedro has left the tour, however, after suffering a fractured cheekbone in Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Arsenal in Beijing on Saturday after colliding with opposing goalkeeper David Ospina.”The Pedro injury is worse than we thought,” Conte added. “We were hoping it was just a concussion but we discovered he has a fracture. He will be fitted with a facemask and hopefully he can be back working with us in 10 days.”last_img read more

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Qantas LAX Lounges

first_img The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Cities Editors’ Recommendations 10 Destination-Worthy Food Halls Throughout the U.S. Sprint Through Airport Security With These TSA-Approved Men’s Grooming Kits If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? Travel can be exhausting. We know from experience. Between jetlag and trying to squeeze in work at the airport and on the plane, a calm environment can make all the difference. Flying first class or business is an extra-added bonus thanks to lounge access. Next time you’re in LAX and have Oneworld lounge access, head straight for the Qantas First Lounge or the Los Angeles Business Lounge, which take up a combined 12,795 square feet.“The new Los Angeles Business Lounge is proof of our ongoing investment in our product to ensure we provide the best travel experience possible for our customers when they are on the ground and in the air,” said Qantas International CEO Simon Hickey. “As well as an overall upgrade, we’ve significantly increased the amount of space in the lounge for our premium customers. It’s designed to reflect the culture of California, while providing a place to relax, socialize and work before their flight.”The lounge can fit around 600 people, and is the perfect place to work, dine or hang out in a stylish setting. If you need to freshen up in between flights, there are also showers for guests to enjoy. Australian chef Neil Perry created a menu that reflects local Los Angeles cuisine, with influences from the multicultural metropolis, including Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Korean and street food. Some dishes include crumbed cod tacos with red cabbage slaw and lime chipotle mayo and Asian-spiced chicken wings. Check out the touches by industrial designer Marc Newson, who designed the teacups and décor for the lounges especially for Qantas.So next time you’re at LAX, make sure to pay a visit to one of the new Qantas lounges.For more information, visit Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Pornlast_img read more

HookNHide: Belt Buckles that Reflect a Passion

first_img How to Clean a Fish: A Quick Reference Guide Summertime and the living is perfect for fly fishing. It’s a passion for S.C. artist Tom Mauldin, and he’s combined his love of fishing with a desire to create a unique product that looks great and is functional too.Related: How to Choose the Right BeltHis Charleston S.C. company, HookNHide, offers a fish belt buckle, that doubles as a bottle opener. “Years ago, I bought some reef sandals that had a bottle opening key made into the soul of the shoe. I wasn’t too fond of that because it seemed like a health hazard, but I was fascinated about taking something fashionable and thought about how I could emulate that into a design with some functionality,” said Mauldin. “I played with a belt buckle design using designs of the fish I love to catch, and found I could make a bottle opener.”Mauldin designs the buckles and then has them produced at a foundry in Mexico where workers pour the Tumbaga metal—a mixture of silver, gold and brass. “I wanted to have something that has the color of silver and gold with the bright patinas, but using brass to make it strong enough to open a bottle.”Each buckle retails for $90 with the exception of the rainbow trout buckle selling for $105. They are all handmade, hand brushed pieces individually stamped with the HookNHide brand and number. There are currently six different fish to choose from. The latest one, Tarpon, has been the top seller.Leather belts are also offered on site and have an easy snap system where you can access the bottle opener when needed, whether you’re at a party or out on the lake fishing.“I started the company almost nine years ago,” said Mauldin, “But it wasn’t until last year that I thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to take a crack at the Southeast Wildlife Expo.” That decision proved fruitful as the CEO of Orvis visited his booth and placed an order for rainbow trout buckles, which are now featured on the Orvis website as well as in its sporting gift catalog.“Negotiating the deal with Orvis propelled me into saying ‘I’m all in,’” said Mauldin. “It’s been truly amazing. It’s the American dream when you can come up with something very special and put the Law of Attraction out there and believe in what the Universe can do.”Related: Patagona’s Simple Fly Fishing Kit Takes You to the River Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market What Is the Best Jean Style for You? Editors’ Recommendations 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts last_img read more

Rolling in the Deep: 6 Famous Shipwrecks You Can Actually Visit

first_img How to Drink Absinthe and Live to Tell the Tale “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” — John A. Shedd (Salt from My Attic, 1928)An indescribable feeling takes over when you see an old ship rusting away. No matter if it has washed ashore or has begun to sink beneath the waves, a shipwreck tells a tale of new and old, from the ship’s life at sea to the animals and plants that now call the fallen vessel home.Whether you’re the explorer who chooses to catch a glimpse of history from afar or the diver ready to plunge into the depths and discover some of the world’s lost wonders, we’ve put together a diverse collection of famous shipwrecks you can visit.Well — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — let’s dive in.USS Arizona (Honolulu, Hawaii)Any World War II buffs out there? The sunken wreckage of the USS Arizona, now only accessible by boat, pays tribute to Pearl Harbor by sharing stories from the infamous attack that brought the U.S. into World War II. This intimate display at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Honolulu is an exceptionally moving experience because almost half of the casualties of Pearl Harbor occurred on this single battleship on December 7, 1941. May it rust in peace.HMS Erebus (Arctic Ocean)Naval TodayIn 1845, the HMS Erebus set out to explore and take scientific readings of the infamous Northwest Passage, never to return. Nearly 170 years later, the fallen ship was discovered on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean by Parks Canada in 2014. Thanks to travel company Adventure Canada, a Northwest Passage-themed cruise between Kugluktuk, Canada, and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, will let you get up close and personal with the Erebus. Passengers can view the wreckage through a remotely operated vehicle controlled by Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team, who will interpret and inform viewers about the shipwreck findings.La Famille Express (Turks and Caicos Islands)Matthew Straubmuller/Flickr back in 1952 in Poland, the La Famille Express served much of its life in the Soviet Navy as Fort Shevchenko. After being sold to an islander from Turks and Caicos in the mid-1990s, La Famille succumbed to the forces of Hurricane Ike in 2008 and has been anchored, rusting, and decaying in the Caribbean ever since. The ship is somewhat of a hidden attraction, so you will need to set up a tour or rent a jet ski or boat. Check out Turks and Caicos Islands’s official tourism website for more details.Type A-class Midget Submarines (Kiska, Alaska)Roadtrippers the Aleutian Islands off Alaska’s coast lies the island of Kiska and a graveyard of forgotten military past. Here, you can explore a 70-year-old battlefield featuring two abandoned Japanese submarines from World War II. The slow erosion process on the tundra has preserved these subs exceptionally well, so if you’re looking to catch a lesser-known part of World War II history, this is your opportunity.Sweepstakes (Ontario, Canada)One of our favorite shipwrecks has to be the Sweepstakes. The 19th-century cargo ship is one of the most iconic wrecks of Fathom Five National Marine Park in Ontario as it is just 50 yards away from the harbor and barely submerged beneath the surface. It’s accessible to novice divers, as well as non-divers who can view the shipwreck via glass-bottomed boats. Fathom Five offers a few other diving expeditions too.Peter Iredale (Warrenton, Oregon)On to the Pacific Northwest, where the storied Peter Iredale rests. This ship is one of the most reachable wrecks you can visit. The 19th-century, four-masted steel behemoth ran aground off the Oregon coast in 1906 near the area now known as Fort Stevens State Park in Warrenton (about two hours from Portland). The Peter Iredale has deteriorated immensely, but the skeletal remains can be easily accessed during low tide. However, we recommend viewing from afar during high-tide hours. The northern Pacific Ocean is notorious for rogue waves, which will sweep you out to see before you can say, “Mayday.”MS World Discoverer (Solomon Islands)The MS World Discoverer first hit the high seas in 1974. In April 2000, a burly, uncharted reef punctured a hole in the cruise ship, grounding it in Roderick Bay on Nggela Island, which is part of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are no official tours of this remote wreck, so if you are a true explorer and happen to be in the area, maybe a local can help you out — but you didn’t hear it from us. Editors’ Recommendations This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? 12 Classic Sci-Fi Novels Everyone Who Likes Reading Should Read 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Knowlast_img read more

Rostock-Gedser Route Drives Scandlines’ Revenue Growth

first_imgzoom German-Danish ferry operator Scandlines said that its revenue grew by 3.5% to EUR 460 million in 2015, from EUR 445 million in 2014, as the company recorded its highest number of transported passengers in five years, mostly driven by its Rostock-Gedser route.The ferries transported 7.6 million passengers, 1.8 million cars and 0.5 million freight units in 2015.The Rostock-Gedser route saw a 9.6% increase in transported cars and passenger growth of 6.3% during the year, while the Puttgarden-Rødby route experienced a slight decline of 0.1% in transported cars and a modest passenger growth of 2.2% as the route faced operational challenges in 2015 when capacity was reduced by 25% in the high season following damage sustained to a ferry during a planned yard stay.“We continued the positive trend in 2015 and met our expectations for the year as the efforts to strengthen the Rostock-Gedser route showed good results and confirmed the prospects of establishing the route as an efficient, reliable and competitive corridor through Central and Eastern Europe,” CEO Søren Poulsgaard Jensen said.“Despite challenges finalising our two new hybrid ferries for the Rostock-Gedser route and operating the Puttgarden-Rødby route at 25% capacity reduction for several months, we grew both revenue and profit during the year and transported the highest number of passengers in five years,” Jensen added.Furthermore, Scandlines continued to build a more focused business in 2015 with the divestment of the Helsingborg-Helsingør ferry route in January.The company also invested EUR 136 million in completion of two new hybrid ferries by Danish shipyard Fayard, expected to be operational on the Rostock-Gedser route in 2016, and other sectors.Scandlines expects a minor overall decline in financial performance in 2016 as a consequence of considerable charter costs for the two new vessels.last_img read more

Chembulk Raises USD 200 Mn from Bond Offering

first_imgzoom USA-based shipping firm Chembulk Tankers has priced USD 200 million in senior secured bonds which will carry a coupon of 8.00% and be due in February 2023.The net proceeds from the bond offering will be used for refinancing of existing bank debt and general corporate purposes.In addition, this bond offering contains a tap issuance feature, where Chembulk can expand the issue amount at a future date to a maximum of USD 250 million, subject to standard issuance tests.“This successful offering is a notable milestone as we constantly work to maintain Chembulk’s reputation for safe and efficient product deliveries to our customers and will facilitate the renewal and growth of our fleet,” Dave Ellis, Chembulk CEO, said.DNB Markets acted as bookrunner in connection with the placement of the new bond issue, and KKR Capital Markets acted as financial advisor.The company informed that an application will be made for the bonds to be listed on Oslo Børs.last_img read more

Arbitration Not Accepted

first_imgEfforts by the organization representing eight district health authorities to avoid a potential health-care strike have been rejected by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). The Nova Scotia Association of Hospital Organizations, supported by the provincial government, offered to bring the outstanding issues in the current collective bargaining dispute with CUPE to third party arbitration so patient care would not be affected by the labour dispute. But the union has, for now, rejected the offer. Its 3,300 clerical, technical, and service hospital workers across the province remain in a legal strike position as of midnight Oct. 31. The district health authorities have said they will have to begin cancelling elective surgeries and moving patients within days. “We wanted to avoid disruptions to service and impact on patients and families,” said Peter MacKinnon, CEO of the Colchester East Hants Health Authority and spokesperson for the district health authorities. “We were hoping to use this mechanism to resolve our differences we’re extremely disappointed.” Employers and the union have not been able to agree on retiree benefits, general wage adjustments, and outstanding pension issues. “We’re extremely disappointed by the union’s initial response,” said Health Minister Chris d’Entremont. “I hope they’ll reconsider given the impact a strike would have on their patients.” “We’d like to see the two parties negotiate a settlement, but based on CUPE’s full pension proposal alone, we’d be looking at up to $65 million in additional costs just in the first year. And that jumps to more than $95 million when you apply it and other benefit requests to the other three unions, who are looking for similar adjustments. This province just can’t afford to spend that kind of additional money on health care with no increase in access or benefits for patients,” said Mr. d’Entremont. “There is only one bank account.” Mr. d’Entremont expressed concern about the impact a labour disruption would have on Nova Scotians. “I know we are about to embark on a very stressful time for families and for those health professionals who are helping during this time. I want to thank them in advance for their patience and add that I hope the walkout can still be averted,” said Mr. d’Entremont.last_img read more

Mute ombudsman

first_imgIt is a no-brainer that when there is an increase in digital payments, a proportionate rise in fraud is a given. But India’s payment digitisation programme has gone ahead without a requisite improvement in the infrastructure for fraud detection and prevention. Over the past five years, the volume of digital payments has grown by a factor of 10 and an additional growth of 10 times in three years has been targetted. This is expected to be driven by a shift from high value, low volume, high-cost transactions to a low value, high volume, low-cost transactions, ultimately leading to a decline in cash transactions. Also Read – A special kind of bondRBI has gone on an overdrive, publicising its ombudsman role in dealing with complaints of bank customers, and it is imperative that these should include complaints of online fraud. But there has neither been a rejig of the RBI grievance redressal system nor the creation of an appropriate mechanism to deal with the problem. The RBI has been airing TV commercials featuring members of the Indian cricket team, highlighting what it claims as a proactive approach of the banking ombudsman in dealing with customer complaints. The ad, for instance, describes the ombudsman’s role as similar to the third umpire in cricket and holds out big hope for customers. Also Read – Insider threat managementA Bengaluru-based IT professional, who took the promise to heart, was, however, in for a rude shock when a complaint to the ombudsman about the diversionary tactics adopted by his bank, which happens to be Standard Chartered, in relation to an online fraud amounting to about a lakh of rupees, committed using his debit card by fraudsters based in Ukraine – notorious as one of the global capitals of online payment fraud – failed to yield any response from the RBI mechanism. The case has been pending since February this year and the bank keeps asking for an extension for further investigations. Making it even more insulting, a member of the bank’s so-called fraud detection team told the complainant that his complaint to ombudsman would only end up with the bank and that he need not expect anything to come out of it, so does the man claim. According to him, the bank has been asking for a repeated extension of time to resolve the issue on the pretext that the investigation was still continuing. They expect to achieve during another extension what they could not do for eight months. Irrespective of what the RBI has been trying to project, the typical response by the bank gives away the lackadaisical manner with which banks, particularly foreign banks operating in India, treat communications from the ombudsman. Perhaps, there is no point in blaming them as the phenomenal increase in the number of frauds has not drawn an adequate response from the RBI to suitably amend the terms of reference of the ombudsman to include banking frauds as well. The terms do not even find a mention of the term online fraud and include only sweeping generalisations about the financial services provided by the bank and ‘breach of a contract, statutory obligation, industry code or principles of good banking practice’. It is common knowledge that the contract between the bank and the customer at the time of opening the account is heavily loaded in favour of the bank as opposed to interests of the customer. So, more often than not, banks manage to get away by laying the blame on customers. When it is an issue between the individual customer and the bank, it ends up as an unequal fight between an individual and the clout of an institution and invariably the dice falls in favour of the bank. In view of this, the ombudsman ends up being a mute spectator. Under the RBI rules, the liability of customers to card fraud is limited and banks are to be held responsible if the fraud occurred due to negligence on its part or a third party. Early this year, the Kerala High Court ruled that banks cannot be absolved of liability for unauthorised withdrawals from their customers’ accounts and that SMS alerts cannot be the basis to determine the liability of a customer, for there would be account holders who may not be in the habit of checking SMS alerts regularly. But banks continue to disregard these strictures and continue to put their customer victims to disadvantage. The situation is so bad that a panel of the RBI itself has recommended that there is an urgent need to put in place a mechanism for resolving online frauds. The Committee on Deepening of Digital Payments has, in fact, recommended the institution of ‘a next-generation grievance redressal mechanism’ which will ensure a speedier response to complaints. The committee observes that as digital payments become ubiquitous, and grow in volume, the number of disputes is likely to grow as well and can easily overwhelm the payment system. It is not possible to rely on face-to-face, call centres, or email to handle these disputes, it points out. The committee has, therefore, recommended an online dispute resolution system, which is fast and fair and also includes all parties to thetransaction. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Toronto protesters slam Harper telling him theyre Idle No More

first_imgBy Delaney WindigoAPTN National NewsToronto – They met gathered in Toronto and snaked their way through the financial district to Queen’s Park telling the federal government they’re Idle No More.If their voices weren’t loud enough they were armed signs slamming Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.They started their march at Toronto’s Sheraton Hotel where the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers were meeting. They then made their way to Queen’s Park.“It’s a result of Harper’s agenda. Harper has created this movement inadvertently by showing his true colours and really trying to oppress people through legislation,” said demonstrator Jody Kechego of Bill C-45 that aims to limit control of First Nation land.A number of youth attended the rally too.One Cree Elder said he’s glad to see young people so engaged.“I feel that the youth are listening. That’s the most important thing is listening about our culture, our heritage and everything and I think a lot of young people are wanting to do it, but a lot of us older ones, we need to get our s**t together and show that example,” said Vern Harper.The rally also fell on the International Day for Human Rights, something that didn’t go unnoticed.“There’s just erosion of human rights and that’s been an ongoing story throughout history, constantly trying to get rid of the Indigenous responsibility,” said Tantoo Cardinal.last_img read more

Saida Charaf Polisario Separatists Have Interrupted My Concerts

Rabat – Southern Moroccan diva Saida Charaf has spoken out about constant provocations by Polisario supporters that she has faced during some of her previous concerts abroad. Speaking at a pre-concert press conference at Villa Des Arts in Rabat, Charaf said that she has faced many provocations from Polisario supporters in Barcelona and Canaries.In a video of the conference, the artist mentioned experience during one of the Royal Air Maroc concerts in Canary Islands, Spain. “While I was singing during the concert, a group belonging to the Polisario Front had been in attendance. One of them raised that sharwita [a piece of cloth] they call it flag […],” she said.“I grabbed it and stepped on it and told them that this is a Moroccan concert.”“The people who have no ‘democracy’ nor ‘dignity’ do not deserve to have their own flag – this is only a ‘sharwita’,” she added. read more

Google to end forced arbitration for all worker disputes

SAN FRANCISCO — Google says it will no longer require that its workers settle disputes with the company through arbitration, responding to months of pressure from employees.The company said Thursday that the change will take effect March 21 and will apply to current and future employees. Google said last year it would end forced arbitration for sexual harassment and assault cases.Mandatory arbitration requires that employees settle their disputes privately and outside of court. The practice lent itself to secrecy and is widespread in U.S. employment contracts.Google workers staged a walk out late last year and continued to press the tech giant to drop forced arbitration.It said it would not require arbitration in its contract worker agreements. But it will not require vendors to change their own contracts.The Associated Press read more

Fonseka refutes Karunas claim Prabhakaran shot himself

Ranil Wijayapala, reporter for Colombo-based Sunday Observer, who was present at the time the body was identified, said that there was only one injury in the body and that was in the head.Karuna Amman had told a Tamil Nadu TV channel that Prabhakaran had committed suicide by shooting himself when capture seemed imminent. He denied that his former leader was captured, tortured and killed by Lankan troops. Asked to comment on Karuna’s claim that Prabhakaran’s wife Mathivathani and daughter Thurka were killed in shelling, Fonseka said that he had no information. He has no clue as to what happened to Prabhakaran’s second son, 12 year old Balachandran either, though some TV channels showed the boy in captivity. “Armies do not identify all bodies after a battle. We were looking for Prabhakaran’s elder son, Charles Anthony, and his body was found and identified,” Fonseka said.Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias KP, formerly the LTTE’s International Wing chief, who was in touch with Prabhakaran over satellite phone from abroad in the last days of the war, said: “It is impossible to say how a person had died in the thick of battle when no witness is alive. All those around Prabhakaran at that time had died in the last ditch battle in the Nandikadal lagoon.” Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, who commanded the Sri Lanka Army during the 2006-2009 Eelam War IV, has refuted the contention of former LTTE commander “Col” Karuna Amman, that Tiger Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran had shot himself dead and was not killed by Lankan troops as claimed, the New Indian Express reported.“He had a head injury in which a part of the skull had come off. If he had shot himself, the bullet would have come out from the other side of the head. But this had not happened. He might have been hit by shrapnel from a mortar bomb or a shell,” Fonseka told Express. Asked if a post mortem was done on Prabhakaran’s body, Fonseka said that the police did a post mortem as per law, and a DNA test was also conducted to establish his identity. read more

Mary Lou McDonald says she has what it takes to be Sinn

first_imgDEPUTY LEADER OF Sinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald said in an interview tonight with Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show that she thinks she “has what it takes” to be the next leader of Sinn Féin.In a wide-ranging interview, she said that the leadership of the party was not up for grabs at the moment, stating that she didn’t think it was Gerry Adams’ time to step down and that he was “the best person for the job” at the moment.LeadershipWhen pressed on whether she would like the job, if and when it does become available she said:“To be in politics you have to have cop on and back bone”, adding that she thought she had both.She said that Pearse Doherty would also make a good leader, as he is “articulate” and “bright”.She reiterated that there was no contest at the moment, adding:“For me this isn’t about my personal ego or master career plan,” finally adding:Do I think I can lead? I think I could.Jean McConvilleMcDonald was also asked about the tonight’s news that a man has been charged in relation to the murder of Jean McConville. She said she welcomed the development, adding:“I welcome any development that offers comfort to the families of the disappeared…”She added:I absolutely condemn the murder of Jean McConville, I absolutely do.Tubridy also asked her if she believed that the Sinn Féin leader had never been a member of the IRA.She answered:I accept thatMcDonald noted that Adams has no conviction for any membership of the IRA and when pressed on whether she believed Adams when he denied it she said: “yes, I believe that.”She was also asked about being a woman in politics in which she said that after she is finished work, she is just a “mam”. She said she believed that women get heckled more in the Dáil.A clip was then played of a Dáil debate in which McDonald is speaking but is being heckled by a male politician. Under her breath she muttered “what a d***”, to which the Late Late audience applauded.Despite Tubridy’s best efforts, McDonald would not name who it was she was referring to.First published 23.45pmRead: ‘I think that’s kind of shocking’: Tense exchanges as Mary Lou questions Rehab chief> Read: ‘Can I suggest you relieve Minister Shatter of his duties?’ Mary Lou McDonald’s advice to Enda Kenny this afternoon>last_img read more

Woman tackles college on the fly

first_imgAlthough turbulence has threatened flight attendant Karin Chandler’s college path, she has stayed on course.Chandler, 44, will graduate from Washington State University Vancouver in May 2015 — 26 years after graduating from high school. “It’s the hardest, most exciting, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” Chandler said. “Academia isn’t always the answer, but it’s the answer for me.”When Chandler crosses the stage and receives a bachelor of arts degree in human resources, she will be the first person in her extended family to graduate from college. Her dad was an auto mechanic and owned his own shop. Her mom worked in a school cafeteria. But Chandler’s parents have stood behind her decision to go to college.“They’ve been my biggest cheerleaders,” Chandler said.As a high school student in Gig Harbor, Chandler didn’t consider college.“College didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I didn’t think it was in my realm of opportunities,” she said. “All I wanted to do was work.” Immediately after she graduated high school in 1989, she entered the airline industry. She started at the ticket counter and worked her way up to flight attendant with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air.By her early 20s, she was married and working full time. When her husband quit work, she supported both of them. She started voicing her desire to go to college.last_img read more

The Mega Rail MD NVS Reddy gives a lecture on Leadership

first_imgCiting the founder and prominent entrepreneur of Café Coffee Day, the recent suicide case of Mr. VG Siddhartha, MD, HMRL, Mr. NVS Reddy illuminated a large gathering of businessmen and professionals who belong to the Rotary Clubs of the twin cities in ” Management of leadership failures during the crisis “today (Wednesday). In explaining how extreme passion, impractical objectives, high expectations, and social pressure can exert tremendous pressure on business leaders and high-profile project managers, he stressed the need to maintain emotional balance and equanimity in addressing adversities in business and life. He said that high-profile managers and ambitious entrepreneurs are alone at the top and are generally reluctant to share their problems with colleagues and family members and this sometimes results in a sudden explosion and suicidal tendencies unless they develop a mechanism. of safety valve to let out steam. Also Read – Non-bailable warrant to Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury Advertise With Us Giving examples of his own experience of leading a high-pressure and extremely difficult Metro Rail project with a series of problems in the form of daily turmoil, countless court cases, religious issues and other sensitive issues, invasions, threats and attacks on vested interests, etc. , the MD explained how he addressed the problems and made a PPP Metro Rail project “canceled” a reality and success. Value of conviction, strict personal discipline, communication and negotiation skills; He added that maintaining a cool and calm behavior and not being provoked even by defamatory comments, burning effigy and personal insults have helped. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us The MD of the Mega Rail NVS Reddy explained how he kept the spirit of his team members high even during the episode of Maytas’ failure and the initial period of agitation against the project by constantly giving them motivational lectures, etc. He said that the enormous patience, perseverance, attitude, and equanimity finally produced a world-class Metro Rail project and that will help Hyderabad become a global city in the coming years. Rtn K. Mohan Rayudu, President, Rotary Club of Secunderabad, Sri Marri Ravinder Reddy, former governor, Rotary clubs in twin cities and other Rotarians were also present.last_img read more

Footage of canceled Crash Team Racing reboot leaked

first_imgWhen Crash Team Racing launched on the PlayStation back in 1999 it was met with critical acclaim and review scores averaging a very respectable 88 according to Metacritic. It was the fourth Crash Bandicoot-branded game, but the first to be a racing game. And as you’d expect, it has since seen a re-release on the PlayStation Network due to how popular it was.What you may not know is that a reboot of the racing title was in development in 2010, which would see a new version of the game released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Proof of that comes in the form of leaked footage that has appeared on YouTube:Where as the original had a total of 15 playable characters and 8 racing on track at once, this new version puts 16 karts on the track and allows for 12 different vehicle modifications split across the tires, bumper, and engine (64 possible combinations). It was basically a much larger version of the original with a graphics overhaul, and would of had to increase its character count significantly.Where as the original CTR game was developed by Naughty Dog, this new version is thought to have been worked on by High Impact Games, who were made up of former Insomniac and Naughty Dog staff. It wasn’t known about publicly, but was being developed alongside a new Crash Bandicoot platformer called Crash Landed, with work carried out by Radical Entertainment.Ultimately both projects had very similar art styles, which suggests they would have been released very close together or possibly even as a dual-pack. So when one got canceled the other inevitably followed, which is a shame.Here’s footage of the original Crash Team Racing on PlayStation for comparison:last_img read more

Where in the World is Mortal Kombat 11

first_img ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Kharacter Guide: Nightwolf‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Get Ne… When you spend years and years paying attention to the video game industry, you like to think you can make educated predictions. For example, we were excited, but not totally shocked, to see Simon Belmont make his debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And the name “Starfield” had been kicking around way before Bethesda made it official at this year’s E3. But you can’t get too confident in your predictions because there’s always a chance you’ll be embarrassingly wrong.Case in point, for months now we’ve been expecting to see Mortal Kombat 11, the next fighting game from NetherRealm Studios. It just made sense. Ever since the WB buyout Ed Boon and friends have consistently put out a blockbuster new fighting game every other spring, with the announcements happening in the off years. Injustice II came out over a year ago, so surely MK11 is just around the corner? But so far, nothing.AdChoices广告It’s not like there haven’t been plenty of opportunities to announce whatever violent shenanigans Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and the gang are up to next. Obviously E3 is the prime time to make all of your video game announcements, or the weeks leading up to E3 to own a at least a whole day of the media cycle.However, given the colorful cast of characters and deep lore, San Diego Comic-Con could’ve also been a good place for Mortal Kombat 11 to shine, especially if they want a shorter marketing cycle to maintain higher hype levels until release.And don’t forget, just a few days ago was EVO, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament including NetherRealm games like Mortal Kombat X and Injustice II. Other publishers used the event to announce news like Negan in Tekken and The President of the World in Street Fighter V. But a new Mortal Kombat bombshell would blow those all away. And yet, we heard nothing at any of these events.Maybe the next Mortal Kombat is just further away than we think? The franchise still has a lot to offer fighting games (a spooky M-rated gory MK-esque reboot is the way I think Capcom should resurrect Darkstalkers to separate it from Street Fighter) but maybe the team feels they’re stuck in a rut with the the eleventh core Mortal Kombat game since 1992. The DC superhero rest periods can only distract so much.The ending of MKX also suggested that the follow-up would conclude a kind of trilogy. That has to raise expectations and pressure. We’ve guessed that NetherRealm wants to top themselves in the fighting game single-player story department, an area they utterly dominate, and that would take time. Coming up with creative new carnage in the form of fatalities can’t be easy either.Not to speculate too much, but we also don’t know what’s entirely going on with WB Games. Shadow of War, last year’s sequel to the acclaimed Lord of the Rings orc slavery simulator Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, caught so much flack for the paid loot boxes that they were recently removed. That has to upend entire business models of not just that game but future WB projects. NetherRealm’s previous games experimented with loot boxes, too. We’re similarly oblivious as to what’s going on with other WB game studios like their Montreal branch or Rocksteady Studios (probably working on a Superman game but hopefully working on Batman: Arkham Boat).Two years is a tight turnaround for a video game, especially for the more lavish, feature-rich style of fighting game NetherRealm is now known for. If we have to wait until 2020 for the next Mortal Kombat that’s totally fine. Part of us even hopes that their next game isn’t Mortal Kombat or Injustice but a sequel to 2008’s Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Crossovers are arguably bigger than ever. But whatever the future holds, Ed Boon will just keep trolling us on Twitter, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.For more on fighting games check out our exhaustive history of the genre as well as what Sonic Fox’s EVO victory means for the future of the culture.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Garnet crystal microstructures formed during ancient earthquake provide evidence for seismic slip

first_img Creating earthquake heat maps—temperature spikes leave clues in the rock Completely fragmented garnet crystal (about 1 millimeter in diameter) located at the earthquake slip surface. The upper left part of the crystal was cut off by the earthquake. Credit: Kristina Dunkel Explore further Journal information: Science Advances (—A team of researchers from Norway, France and the Netherlands has found a new way to identify and measure seismic slips that occurred along fault lines during ancient earthquakes. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the team describes their study of garnet crystals found along a fault zone and what they discovered. Focused ion beam image of small mineral inclusions that formed inside the fragmented garnet crystal due to fluid transport into pores in the garnet in the wake of the earthquake. The largest inclusions are about 20 micrometers long. Credit: Made by Oliver Plümper PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Completely fragmented garnet crystal (about 1 millimeter in diameter) located at the earthquake slip surface. The upper left part of the crystal was cut off by the earthquake. Credit: Kristina Dunkel Field image showing the fault displacement (visible by the offset of the dark layer) associated with an earthquake of an estimated magnitude around 6. This earthquake occurred in Western Norway some 50 kilometers below the Earth’s surface about 420 million years ago. Credit: Bjørn Jamtveitcenter_img Because of erosion, there are very few ways to identify or measure an earthquake that occurred in the distant past. For that reason, geologists have been looking for better markers. In this new effort, the researchers report on one new marker in Norway that they believe could prove useful for identifying similar early earthquakes in other parts of the world.To learn more about ancient earthquakes, the researchers were studying rocks along a fault line at Bergen Arcs in western Norway. There, they came across garnet formations that looked as if they had been melted and smeared as the edges of two continents slid past one another. They extracted some samples and took them back to their lab for analysis. Peeking at them through a microscope revealed microfractures so small that they did not change the shape of the rock. A closer look showed that melted material had been injected into the fractures leaving behind a network of minerals, among them uranium. The team suggests the micro-fracturing occurred as a result of the earthquake. Next, because uranium decays to lead, the researchers measured the lead content in the material within the fractures, and calculated a date for when the earthquake occurred—approximately 420 million years ago. The researchers also found that they could use the garnet to measure the amount of slippage that occurred between layers of rock. Their calculations indicated the earthquake would have measured 6 to 6.5 on the Richter scale, which means it was relatively strong. They note that humans would not have been around to feel it, but animals at the time likely did. Citation: Garnet crystal microstructures formed during ancient earthquake provide evidence for seismic slip rates along a fault (2017, February 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2017 Field image showing the fault displacement (visible by the offset of the dark layer) associated with an earthquake of an estimated magnitude around 6. This earthquake occurred in Western Norway some 50 kilometers below the Earth’s surface about 420 million years ago. Credit: Bjørn Jamtveit More information: Håkon Austrheim et al. Fragmentation of wall rock garnets during deep crustal earthquakes, Science Advances (2017). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1602067AbstractFractures and faults riddle the Earth’s crust on all scales, and the deformation associated with them is presumed to have had significant effects on its petrological and structural evolution. However, despite the abundance of directly observable earthquake activity, unequivocal evidence for seismic slip rates along ancient faults is rare and usually related to frictional melting and the formation of pseudotachylites. We report novel microstructures from garnet crystals in the immediate vicinity of seismic slip planes that transected lower crustal granulites during intermediate-depth earthquakes in the Bergen Arcs area, western Norway, some 420 million years ago. Seismic loading caused massive dislocation formations and fragmentation of wall rock garnets. Microfracturing and the injection of sulfide melts occurred during an early stage of loading. Subsequent dilation caused pervasive transport of fluids into the garnets along a network of microfractures, dislocations, and subgrain and grain boundaries, leading to the growth of abundant mineral inclusions inside the fragmented garnets. Recrystallization by grain boundary migration closed most of the pores and fractures generated by the seismic event. This wall rock alteration represents the initial stages of an earthquake-triggered metamorphic transformation process that ultimately led to reworking of the lower crust on a regional scale. Play 3D visualization of the structure. Credit: Made by Oliver Plümper The researchers suggest their method could be used as a marker for finding other ancient earthquake sites and to aid in measuring their slip rates, and thus earthquake magnitude as well. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more